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Etienne (warriorsage) wrote,
@ 2003-09-29 21:45:00
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    Current mood: discontent

    I'm an On-line Virgin
    Well, this is my first foray into the world of online journaling. Not that I've never kept journals before but, this "public display" is somehow feeding the voyeur within -- to be sure.
    I'm hopin' this becomes a good venue for me to vent -- I'm in my mid-forties, married (unhappily), with one child and one on the way. The kid part I dig -- the marriage part, well,, it's overrated. What can I say? More on that later.
    I have owned my own biz for 15 years. Now that it's finally successful, I'm in that syndrome of "Be careful what you ask for." I'm inundated with work and travel, not seeing nearly as much of daughter as I would like and, have a wife (9 years) who has "not been on board" or, "on the program" as they say, for longer than I can remember. For me, it's sort of a toxic combo.
    To that latter point, after years of dire and unbearable frustration, I met a woman online and took her as a lover. She is also married and in the same boat. Although neither of us has any illusions, or delusions, as to where it will all go, we are both having one helluva little "escape from reality" and it's the most fun I've had in years.
    Meeting her and engaging in our weekly interludes has been a wild time for us both. More on that later as well.

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