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x[A Pirate's Life For Me]x (warriormonkey) wrote,
@ 2006-03-19 22:16:00
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    Current mood: calm

    So so silleh.
    I can not update from Monday. I'll just say that I love American Idol so so much. That should cover it.

    Let me just start with Friday. I got up and went to school for 1st period to take some dumb quiz. It took 5 seconds and then I just sat there until fiesta Friday. We got fun stuff like hats and cookies and pins and bubbles, so I guess that was pretty sweet. I just ate my cookies and left. Good day at school! From school I went and picked up Dionis and we came back by the house for 2 seconds before hitting the road. For 5 and a half hours. Woo. The drive wasn't too bad. People who ride my bumper make me angry so I think I probably flicked off like... 10+ cars the whole trip. It made me angry. We listened to a million CDs and... yeah. Just drove for a really long time. We got in to Charleston around 3 and met up at Dad's work. We went in and everyone was watching some basketball game on an enormous-screen TV in a conference room instead of doing lawyer-like things. Maybe I should consider going into law... except that I don't like basketball.

    We went up to the house and gave Dionis the tour. Then... I really don't know. I think we just played video games/watched TV/played ping pong for a long time. I was really tired from driving. Maybe Dionis and Jack played baseball? I don't remember. Betsy made good dinner. We had steak, salmon, and broccoli. Uhhh.. I don't remember what we did after that. Probably played more video games? I was really beat from driving because I'm lame or something.

    On to Saturday! It was this morning when I was going to get in the shower that I realized I was missing my class ring. Just bear that in mind. We ate pancakes and then went out bowling. Guh. BAD IDEA. I went back to sucking. I started off my game with a strike... and it was all downhill from there. Seriously. We were playing 2 simultaneous games, one with bumpers and one without. Let me just say that I lost out of EVERYONE (that includes Jack and Annie) in the game without bumpers. I don't understand myself sometimes. It is kind of upsetting when you suck at everything.

    After all the bowling we went to Lowe's for a little while to get like... paint chips? It kind of reminded me why I like interior design. Anyway. As we were driving to go to lunch we noticed that something was on fire (like, really on fire) over in the city part of Charleston. Apparently it was really close to both Jack and Annie's school and their church. Jack got really excited and thought he'd never have to go to school... but it wasn't their school. It was still weird. Anyway! So we went to lunch at this place called the Bistro and it was really good. I got some... turkey, bacon, swiss... thing. Was good. Made me very full. Then we came home and... psh. I don't remember. I think people played pool while I played video games. And then I got a head ache/stomach ache/eye ache(???) while everyone else watched TV. That sucked. After dinner Dad, Betsy, Dionis, and I watched Life of Brian. Then... I went to bed because I was very tired. OH. Also, we looked for my ring all day, but to no avail. :(.

    Today was a long day. Let me tell you. I got up early and we had sausage and cheese biscuits before hitting the road. We made pretty good time and were able to stop for lunch, which was nice. I even let Dionis drive. How nice of me. He was talking in a country accent for like... 30 minutes, at least. Then when he tried to talk in his regular voice he couldn't and it was really hilarious. I'm sure other funny stuff happened but I can't remember. The ride back was better than the ride up, I think. But it was a nice weekend and I feel better about some things, I think. At least for the moment.

    I came home and took a nap after that. When I got up Katherine, Mom, and I went out to eat at Uno's. Uno's burger with bacon and cheese = fabulous. I had been craving a cheeseburger since I had seen the huge grills at Lowe's yesterday. It was really bizarre because a paramedic came in the restaurant and wheeled a stretcher up to the bathroom. Eventually they brought out some woman who I think was vomitting?? But yeah, it made me feel really uncomfortable and no longer hungry. I think someone said she may have been "insanely drunk"... so I'm thinking alcohol poisoning? Not smart, children.

    When I got home Gma and Gdad came over and we talked for a while about various things and watched the cats run around like small children. That was nice. Then when they left I watched an episode of Golden Girls. Best. Show. Ever.

    Oh. So I never found my ring at Dad's house and it made me very sad. Tonight I was on the phone with Dionis and I walked in to the bathroom and saw that it was on the little ring holder thing where I put it when I take it off to shower. The conversation went as follows:
    Me: Oh my gosh, I just found my ring!!!
    Dionis: Are you kidding me?
    Me: No! I found it! I'm so happy!
    Dionis: You're so dumb.

    It was funny... and I am dumb. But yay for not losing a very expensive piece of jewelry!

    This week might be long.. but the weekend should be nice. I'm actually really happy that I get to go to Kindergarten this Friday. Nerdy! And maybe a show on Saturday? Who knows.

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