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eyesOFautumn xx (warpedoddity) wrote,
@ 2003-10-22 07:10:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:This Time Imperfect AFI

    I just posted into Nay Blurty, about the lyrics to This Time Imperfect.. Have you ever sat there and cryed becuase a song was so real, like you could relate to everythign that the Vocallist was humming? I dont know, I feel my self drifting back in to all of the depression, and everything around me isnt helping matters.

    I hate myself, I hate most of the people around me (all but my mom and dad and like 2 ppl from school) I hate everything. There is nothing anymore that can help it seems. I Hate feeling like this too.

    I have found the tears again, I guess that the well inside of me had gone dry, and had now reach a safe level to let me go again.

    I just feel so fucking empty inside, like there is that one thing missing that would make it all better. I really dont want to go to school, not in the emotional state that I am in right now.. I didnt sleep again, I laid there and staired at the clock all night. I think out of the whole night the hour I didnt see it change to was 6 A.M. but eh, I get up at 6 45 so way to go Kel.

    Fuck it. No use in writing everything out and wasting my time... but its not like I have anything better to do with myself is there?! Just fuck off for now.

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