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eyesOFautumn xx (warpedoddity) wrote,
@ 2003-10-18 09:44:00
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    Current music:Rancid~ Indestructible

    Music helps make it better I am told... Lyrics to live by
    Don’t worry about me I’m gonna make it alright
    Got my enemies cross haired and in my sight
    I take a bad situation gonna make it right
    In the shadows of darkness I stand in the light
    Ya see it’s my style and I’ll keep true
    I had a bad year but I got through
    I’ve been knocked out, beat down, black and blue...

    If I fall back down
    You’re gonna help me back up again
    If I fall back down
    You’re gonna be my friend

    Rancid-fall back down
    (I picked this one from what Alyx posted... and it reminded me of this song... so I pulled some lyrics)

    Casey was never caught up, like the rest of the rats in a fucking maze
    “Check me out” she said, “I’m in a concrete jungle,
    I’m an individual and you’re stuck in my waste”
    Oh hell no, she knows what the truth is. Because she said so
    She knows who her friends are so fuck you, don’t get no closer,
    it’ll only make her run far away {Red Hot Moon}

    ( I just love that song... too Bad Casey Dies at the end)

    Listen up all you skaghead, sewer rats, gangsters,
    Villains and whores, the dark figures from the shadows,
    Crept up from behind, where they brandished a gun,
    Pointed directly at his face,
    And they shuddered at the sight when the words were spoken,
    "Go ahead, son, but you're making a big mistake,"
    As the clueless of the night reflected off the cobblestone roads,
    And silence took over, he said:
    "Do you know who the fuck I am?"
    {David Courtney}

    ( Posted that one, just b/c if some one walked up behind me I think I would have a heart attack... *remember the Elbow is the stongest poin on you body* heehee)

    I'm not looking for a fight now,
    And I don't care who's wrong or right now,
    So release the dove into flight now,
    So we can start right now..
    {Start Right Now}

    Get one thing clear, first you live in fear, then you disappear, and that unity
    Shift gear, and i, try to stear, i see a tear, you're so fuckin insincere...

    You drag your coffin around
    You drag your coffin around
    You drag your coffin around
    You drag your coffin around
    All around town, just like a dead man does
    Just like a dead man does
    Just like a dead man does
    Just like a dead man
    Dead man
    Dead man
    Dead man
    Dead man

    (I posted this one.. I will not drag my coffin around.. )

    They were sure I was guilty, but I committed no crime
    They said: confessions bring lenience, so that put me on the line
    So I, protest the massacres at the Talliman Square
    My friends say yo, stay away man, you better not go fucking back there
    Watch this
    One night I might write about my opinions about the state
    And the freedom of expression they would never tolerate
    And the, military secrets that I never did steal
    I didn’t start no violence, no, and there was nobody that I killed
    So I had a clear account of all abusers of power
    And the memories of homeland all gone sour
    And I only got one weapon, it’s so plain for me to see
    My only weapon I call, poetry

    And I don’t even know why
    The truth seems like a lie
    In my cell there is no sky
    When I was arrested in Shanghai

    Now, in a world of privilege I was not born
    But, the devotion of freedom and liberty I was sworn
    So, every emotion is studied, watched their control
    Who gets paid, who gets disciplined, who gets born
    So, transmitting beams my coordinates, anywhere on Earth
    And, as radio waves, surveillance, satellite bursts
    Open up your skull and let some knowledge come in
    Ya, crack open the cranium and let awareness begin

    And I don’t even know why
    The truth seems like a lie
    In my cell there is no sky
    When I was arrested in Shanghai
    When I was arrested in Shanghai
    When I was arrested in Shanghai
    {Arrested in Shanghai}

    (posted the whole song... I just love this one...People do really need to open up and "let some knowledge come in")

    He was back, causing trouble,
    Time's they're a comin' round,
    Oh no, let me go to another round,
    Tuesday night is when the storm's gonna settle down,
    Had a glance, circumstance,
    Don't cause, trouble bound,
    She's the one, all alone, I come lookin',
    Smoke and mirrors as I watch,
    Aw, that girl was trippin',
    It's no fun, lost again,
    To have your heart broken,
    Greed is from a world that is built on hustling.

    (hmm.. something about that one... I like)

    If you lose me, you lose a good thing, that's one thing I know for sure.
    {tropical London}


    Go to work, go to school, get a fucking job,
    Sit at home like a fucking slob,
    I prowl the street like I'm the fucking law,
    All too crazy, tripped and crawl,
    Depression can't cut me out of the music,
    So I choose it,
    I use it,
    I won't fucking lose it!

    (yeah.. thats it exactly)

    Hold your head up high,
    Cuz tomorrow you may die,
    Cuz no one's safe around here,
    No one's safe around here.
    Stand your ground,
    Til you're the last one in town.
    {stand ur ground}

    I was an atheist,
    You wore the crucifix,
    We put our differences to the side,
    This time a lesson learned,
    You told me not to mourn,
    Your heart is bigger every night I'm alive

    Indeed that concludes just about the whole Indestructible CD... I advise every one to get it.. Its fucking awesome..

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