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wannabe87 (wannabe87) wrote,
@ 2003-06-14 15:44:00
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    Current mood: content

    Someone tell Ash this cause Im not, and tell him it's from me.

    If you want something un-optimistc here it goes. Your situaion sucks yes that's true. But if you really feel that strongly about becoem a doctor you'll go to college asap and aply for student loans. 85% of med school student are in debt after med school. On top of that about 50-80% of students in their first four years go to school on studnent loans and their own money from working. But if you're willing ot put all that aside and give in and do as your parents expect you to, than a) you never really wanted to become a docotr to begin with, your heart isn't in it. and b) you give in right when things get tough ro it's something you can't see the way out of or have no hope in. Simply put ash, you're not giving yourself the chance to succed - you're just putting yourself down and saying you're a void and you'll never accomplisha naythign liek you always do. Time to put that aside and grow up. You're a great guy and can do a lot in this world, if only you had the guts. Mad at me? When are you not, I've come to the realizion you hate me and after apoligzing how many times and tryign to be your friend. Im sick of trying. Hate me all you want, but Im here when you need me. I Love You. ~Samantha

    Someone please give that to him from me, don't ask why I won't do, just someone please do it. I thought about it on my bike ride, low and behold where it took me - Jackson Park, looking accross at Ash's house. Arg, Im still not over him, but I am ready for another relationship. Neither is going to happen so why bother...arg. Im relazed though - but now, time for a shower. Luv Ya'll

    *thinks* Ice cream sounds good after a shower....

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