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Big AL (walkonwater) wrote,
@ 2003-07-03 09:50:00
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    Current mood: giggly
    Current music:Pressing On - Relient K

    I'm not an insomniac.. I?

    Okay, it's 9:15 AM. What's wrong with me?? Yesterday was a little earlier, yeah, but still. Oh well - I DID take a 4 hour nap when I finished my journal yesterday. WOO. Basically, I just laid around the house all afternoon.. though I did have a bowl of Easy Mac for a late lunch. Yumm. Last night I played Bunco with my mom at Beth's house. It was great. Morgan and I played for Darlene until she got there at 8:30. Mo was Dar; I was Lene. Then when she got there, we went up to Beth's room and played DK2 and attempted to beat this incredibly stupid level. I tried.

    Today I'm going out to lunch with Christie. She called me yesterday and said that since Justin and Baird went out to lunch on Monday and talked about us, we'd go out to lunch and talk about THEM. HA! I don't think there's much competition because Jenna and I went to get Sheridan's with Christie a loonnnng time ago once after church. So we got those boys beat. Tonight my mom wants to go out with me and see a movie or something. Perhaps I will, but I still need to hang out with Larry before he leaves so.. I'm thinking Saturday.

    Now I must go and watch The Price is Right, for it is my favorite game show. Some random thoughts before I leave - I really hope this WOF thing works out for everyone. REALLY. - The BLS has been showing reruns lately.. they're not out of juice yet, are they? - I'm hopefully getting a hostess/waitressing job in the fall at Pickerings. Pray that goes well. - No practices this month and I can't wait till NYC!! - Mo and I are getting sexy cowboy hats soon. - If I'm a good girl, my mom will let me get my cartilage pierced. GOODIE GOODIE. -

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