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y0u're. a .t0uch. 0verrated... (w0rstintentions) wrote,
@ 2003-08-17 03:27:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:akaline trio-crawl

    well i htought i had like the worst day ever yesturday when i didnt i know i was a lil crazy but its okay i mean carissa was being mean and tellin all my friends im stupid and for tony to get over me ...thats gay well w/e she can do what she wants now so can y lol ryan i sed bye !! lol well hmm dalton my 6 hr convo on the ph one pretty cool and same with harry online i ned to harry for whole day without him blocking me its amzing lol brandy ur the greatest ever ! if it wasnt for the movieeeees i probally wud of been crying righ now lol ill missu alonng with all buddies like chocolate lol lmao lol carissa i know u hate me but umm ur gunna have to atleast be n to me okay g0d now ur trying to steal myriendss and n dont tell tony to ge over m cuz u think im gay ok thats his buz. well was really pissed when i rur journal so ya thats really kin gay jus get the frig over it u talk to allll my friends anyway so there ya go happie well im leavinggo to VA in like 40min and ill be getting back the 23 hopefully i will ll be alive most likely if i was i wudnt be so iess the break of all this preasure is good nce ive been ketchin up with my fferiends l8ly its not good cuz ill miss scince we've been talkin more brandy ur so funni never leave me lol ur hott ! lmao hah mmy microwave still seys 56 ha well ur goooing away tool jessie didnt cal memb brandy ha well hmm silvia i am sorry bout yeturday man i realy am i was in a really bad mome wit u tony im sorry ryan ihope u feeelll betta kawl mmy cell ill have it okay we def gotta meet that wud be awesum well again feel betta i k hurtin lyl .dalton ahh ur my lover ahahha j/m lol any wayy ....hmmm hopefully i get tan when im this way idont hav4 skewl cuz i alread haveno money and im gettin major hits and myyebrows waxed :-d he he im to cool for lol harry is the coolest i never were that kool until i talked tor than 3 sec lol crazy life is g crazy ... the thunder kept me up aght i was scared it ws soooo loud !!!!!! lol hmm silv thats okay if u cant give me myoday ill gehen i get back ..
    . ill miss . silvia harry lol daltooon tony jen brandy jeff ,and me speciAL sumone who ime lil dork lol haha and ryan ill miss u too okay bye bbye call my cel 618 2403

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