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vw4grl (vw4grl) wrote,
@ 2006-01-16 13:57:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:"criminal" m&m

    Apparently I've accured some debt - stupid credit cards and stupid ex-boyfriends getting ahold of my credit cards - anyway - I've been trying for awhile to pay off the debts, and I haven't really made that much of a dent. Ben and I were looking at buying a new house, however, stupid ex boyfriend did some damage to my credit score, and while i would be approved for a loan, we would have to put a bunch of money down and such - it's not worth it - however, the GOOD news - my property has gone up considerably since i bought it - so here's the plan,

    1. sell my townhouse - i should be able to sell it and walk away with at least $20 grand profit (hell yeah)
    2. take some of the profits and pay off my debts - i owe a bunch on credit cards, and a bunch to my parents
    3. rent for at least 6 months - probably more like a year
    4. while we're renting, my credit score will have a chance to recover
    5. save money - since i won't have to pay credit bills, i should have a chance to save that money up
    6. get married at some point - probably this december or january
    7. should get some money from the marriage
    8. buy a house together - by that point my credit score should be back to where it should be - we'll have money we saved for the year - and we'll have some money from the wedding

    nice plan huh? not too happy about having to go back and rent for awhile - buy whatever, if this is what i have to do to get myself out of debt, so be it. won't it be nice not to be under a massive credit card debt? only to have "good" debt - ie, student loans and then a mortgage. plus, i'm spending something outragious like $700 a month on credit card debt, if i decide not to save all of that, i'll have extra money a month so that i don't have to live like a student - at least to have a little breathing room - and if everything goes the way it's supposed to, in another year i should get another raise - maybe by that time i'll be working in felonies - if so, i should get a $7000 a year raise. if i'm not there yet, i should be close to it - im working in wakulla now, that was a promotion, and the fast track to felonies.

    good plan huh? mom and dad aren't thrilled about it - but they want to loan me the money to pay off my credit card debt, that's nice and all - very nice to have parents that could do that, but im not a child anymore - i need to own up to my own debts and deal with them myself. im the youngest of 3, but my other sisters have borrowed like $90,000 from my parents - sisters are 34 and 36 and they are still borrowing from my parents, i refuse to do that. my parents deserve better.

    how nice is it that my townhouse has gone up so much! i knew i bought it at a deal, the ones that have sold from my neighborhood, with the same floor plan have sold for like $150 ish - i bought mine for about $125 and my current mortgage balence is $121,000 - if I sell it for $150 i make almost $30, but i'm assuming for the time being that i won't be able to walk away from the closing table with more than $140 or $145, still that's a nice chunk of change - pay off all my debts and still have a little left to play with. yeah for me!

    now we just have to find a place to rent that allows both dogs and cats that's renting for about what im paying for mortgage - shouldn't be too hard. :o)

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