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monroe (vr_monroe) wrote,
@ 2003-03-26 00:50:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:beastie boys - "shake your rump"

    Where to fucking begin. I have so much to tell you all. I probably would have updated yesterday, but I fell asleep really early, but more about that in a minute.

    Sunday afternoon, I WAS taken to get my "long ratty hair" all chopped off. It was down by my knees. I had never had my haircut more than a trim. It was very scarring. It's only down to my waist now, which is "all chopped off" to me. It's so much lighter already. My aunt's stylist gave me some really good conditioner, and it's really really silky now.

    Getting ready for dinner, my aunt did my hair up in this french twist do-dad, and did my MAKEUP. Okay, I've never worn makeup in my life, EVER. I felt absolutely silly. My black dress was all fancy, and a little TOO low-cut for my taste. My aunt said I looked all "sophisticated". I thought I looked like a kid playing dress up.

    Maria made lamb. Which I was really scared to try, because I've never had it. I ate it anyway, and it was okay I guess. The neighbors were all weird. Their kids were even weirder. They're all rich and stiff, and have these fake laughs, and fluffy names. I was about ready to take my spoon, and spoon my eyeballs out for entertainment. I only met one person (after dinner, when everyone walked around talking to eachother) who caught my interest. His name was Jacob, and he was very hot looking. Too bad he kept sneering at me all evening.

    So the night was a complete disaster, I had to sit through thousands of boring questions like "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I wanted to reply with something sarcastic, but just told them I wasn't sure yet. Which wasn't the first time they looked down their noses at me. Whatever. Thankfully, it's all over with.... for now.

    I stayed up VERY late Sunday night, and I was exhausted to get up at the butt-crack of dawn on Monday for school. Well, not really like it was "school", because I didn't stay in all of my classes very long. My aunt got all dressed up, and took me down there. Since my uniforms don't come in till next week (We ordered them Monday), I get to dress in casual all week! Friday is casual day for everyone.

    Anyway, we went down there, and got me all nice and registered and ordered my uniforms. Then my aunt wrote out some hefty checks for books and such, and then I got to go to each of my classrooms and meet my teachers. There were kids in each class, so I felt silly walking in with my street clothes. When they were all wearing uniforms, but I also felt lucky. I know the uniforms are going to be soooo fucking uncomfortable.

    Most of my teachers are REALLY boring. I only have four really cool classes. (Art, Creative Writing, Newspaper, and English: Classics). The rest of mine are sucky. My schedule goes like this.

    M, W, F: Newspaper, English: Classics, Art, Lunch, Study Hall, Creative Writing, Early dismissal.
    T, Thrs: Algebra II (yes, I'm stupid), AP Bio, World History, Lunch, Study Hall, home ec, economics.

    Stupid if you ask me, at least three days a week I have nice easy classes. I am actually ahead in credits! Which excites me. Although they frown down on me, because I came from hicksville, illinois. Fuck them. So that was Monday. Really easy. I came home, and went to sleep (I was so tired). I only woke up for supper, and went right back to sleep. Because Tuesday I actually had to go to school, and it was a hard day.

    The kids in my school are scary. I swear to you, that 90% of the girls are blondes. I don't know if they're all real, but it's kind of scary. They all look alike to me. I of course stood out like a sore spot in my dickies and hoodie, and my new dickies bag. Everyone was staring, and it was just horrible. Thankfully, it wasn't too hard. I have homework in three classes, but none of it is due until thursday. I think I may have even made a friend in my Study Hall.

    His name is Sport. Only, really it isn't. The study hall teacher called him Stewart when he got in trouble for passing me a note. Not a love note or anything. Just a simple "What planet did you come from? Are you here to save me?" Well, I thought it was really funny. He gave me his phone number, but I won't call him. I've never called a boy that wasn't James.

    OH! My locker partner is a pothead. Our locker constantly smells like pot. Just thought I'd let everyone know. I've never done any drugs, and I'm not really against it, because it's your body. Do what you want, you know? I do have to admit that it's a very comforting smell, though.

    I don't know why I'm still up. Basically to write this all out. Tomorrow will be a fun class day. I really hope i make some friends, because next week is spring break, and I don't want to be sitting in my aunt and uncle's house for another week alone.

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