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LIubomir Markov (voodoosound) wrote,
@ 2011-01-18 09:45:00
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    Sony NSX GT1 Android TV
    Dependable Sony Television Features
    Regardless of what's on the inside, at the end of the day you're investing a television. This one delivers full HD display resolution with a 2500:1 dynamic contrast ratio, thanks to Edge CCFL backlighting. 24p True Cinema allows for viewing video at the intended 24 fps (frames per second) picture quality when using Blu-Ray Disc players, Sony PlayStation 3, or other 24fps sources; and built-in 1080p upscaling converts lower-resolution sources to HD images.
    On the energy efficiency front, Sony HDTVs exceed Energy Star 3.0 requirement. In addition, they incorporate advanced power saving features such as Light Sensor technology that adjusts backlight intensity based on ambient room lighting conditions and Dynamic Backlight Control that adjusts backlight intensity based on the brightness of the image on the screen.
    Finally, Sony doesn't skimp on the inputs, with four HDMI connections, component/composite connections for those older devices, four separate USB ports, and more.
    Not ready for prime time

    Reports say that the first Google TV products are far from trouble-free. Some hardware problems are cited, especially with the Sony NSX-GT1 series of TVs. As noted in our LCD TV report, the underlying TV appears to be based on a Sony series of LED backlit sets that hasn't exactly set the world on fire. The first complete reviews of the Sony NSX-GT1 sets, like this one of the Sony NSX-46GT1 at CNET, shows that the TV's issues (particularly less-than-perfect screen uniformity) are only made more obvious by some of Google TV's content.

    But the bigger problem is with the service itself. Even the happiest reviewers note some serious bugs and disappointments, while others, such as Engadget say "Google TV feels like an incomplete jumble of good ideas only half-realized, an unoptimized box of possibility that suffers under the weight of its own ambition and seemingly rushed holiday deadline.

    Sony NSX32GT1, Sony NSX24GT1,and Sony NSX40GT1

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