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dennis (volcomgodfather) wrote,
@ 2006-02-09 03:14:00
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    so i'm a pretty big loser...
    the burden of reflection;
    i got to a community college
    i am currently un-employed
    all my friends have full time jobs and go to the gym
    i sit at home watching american idol and eating fudge
    i haven't shaved in almost 2 months
    my hair is way too long even tho i cut like 3 inches off of it the same day i shaved
    i haven't had a decent meal in over a week
    i'm hardly ever home

    ok here's the good stuff. went to the Feels Like July practice today and then hung out with danny brist and maty del with ali and steph. felt really old. got the Orchid cd with all of their recordings on it. it's amazing and matches nicely to my Saetia cd with all of their recordings. Totality and A Retrospective. looked at books.

    going to canada again soon. next weekend, for Blu's birthday party. excited for that, canada is always a good time.

    i got a check from massasoit for $666 dollars. which is excellent because i didn't get any financial aid.
    don't know what i'm gonna do for the summer. hopefully work where goodick works. then in the fall go to some college.

    i've been booking a lot of shows and i'm starting to get recognized by bands great and small. The Early November and TREOS remembered me from doing the interviews but thats a different story. i've been booking shows for bands in PA, CT, RI and all that junk. so it's not just like my friends bands anymore, i get bands from Boston and all over the eastern coast. kinda stressful and more work than you think but it's fun and helpful, i got some money for booking a show in Worcester. rad.

    media club just started back up so that means i'll be seeing a lot of Kevin Tocci and Nick again. which means i'll be doing more interviews. hopefully i'll get some help setting them up. i dont need anything added to my "to do list". hell, i still have a paper due from last semester. i spend more time thinking of why my english teacher gave me an Incomplete when i got A's on all my papers than time i spend even thinking about starting the paper. lame.

    reid started a new shift at his work so he's working afternoons and i never see him. which kinda sucks a lot because reid is amazing. the time's we have had just listening to the Flaming Lips in his room. he'll never be at another Timber Venus night again.

    but i still have andrew and the flj guys, and timmy,and goodick and mike and pellet and danny. and the people that randomly call me at 2 in the morning to tell me they can't sleep.

    dont hear much from Greico or Bucca anymore, i hang out with Blu like once a week.

    i sleep through my speech class because the teacher needs to take the class more than anyone else.
    the first quiz in small business management was on monday and i got a 0 on it because i dont have the book yet and i never find anything important enough to take down in notes. i just gaze out the window and doodle.
    mass communications is the only class i pay attention to because we have conversations with the teacher about what shows we watched over the week and whats the latest topics in news. plus i know half the class from radio class and media club.
    i dont know if i'll do my radio show again this semester.

    what else can i put down here because nobody is reading it.

    i dont know, dont feel like typing anymore.
    and my story isn't coming along because i was relying on blizzards to keep me inside with nothing to do but drink and write, but we didn't get anything this year. shitty timing on that one.

    think thats it for now.
    i should go to sleep soon.
    i have speech at 9...or 930...i dont even know.
    then i'm either going to the Treos show at northeastern university or sticking with the routine thursday plans of bowling and pizza with a group of 15 kids that for the most part i really dont hang out with anymore . either way i'm gonna have a good time.

    yeah definitely tired.


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