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Seifer Almasy (natural_badass) wrote in visionsofsquare,
@ 2003-12-03 14:25:00
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    Current mood:awww fuck...

    Seifer ATTN Aerith
    "Me? Serious? Are you kidding?" The words were a touch sarcastic, but Seifer actually favored Aerith with an actual small smile. He handed the popcorn to a gape-mouthed reporter and stood, pocketing the calculator with its final fine tally on it. Aerith tended to get hyper at him when he let a student get beaten unconscious in a fight, but frankly she also hadn't seen the list of people Sephiroth had sent to the trauma ward at Fayth Hall. If she had, she might have been slightly less disapproving, though with Aerith it was hard to tell for certain. Either way, Seifer seriously doubted this little display would curtail Sephiroth's violence at all.. or even teach him about picking proper targets.

    "If you would, please get Mr. Roth over there some first aid attention?" Seifer asked as he fished around his pocket for his cell phone to let Fayth Hall know about its newest massive trauma case. While he walked, he took Zack's place standing between the summons and their erstwhile victim.

    They glared at him.

    He glared back.

    "Unless you'd like to get Miss Eiko expelled, get your supernatural asses out of here right now."

    He could hear the kid scrambling to help Aerith, mumbling something about having some Restore materia. Materia was all well and good, but it didn't beat junctioning GFs.. even if GFs did come with a hefty case of memory loss.

    "Or would you three like to take this little argument up with me?" Seifer grinned sharkishly and shouldered his gunblade. He'd found the cell and tapped in the text message to get a stretcher and some X-Potions headed their way.. though to be perfectly honest if the Eidolons were that pissed off Seifer himself might need an X-Potion or two in the near future.

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