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Sephiroth (elite_soldier) wrote in visionsofsquare,
@ 2003-12-02 03:10:00
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    Sephiroth ATTN Eiko and co.
    A double attack from the new summon and the wolf knocked Sephiroth down yet again. This time, he took a little longer to stand, using the Masamune to lever himself up. For a moment, he stood there, breath heaving, spitting and coughing up blood. It was really a miracle that Sephiroth could still be standing, the battle now what it was, with only a sword to aid him. Though, most of the students were probably thankful that he didn't have any of his materia with him. There was always the dread of a stray spell hitting a spectator.

    His whole body was shaking now, and even with all his training, never had Sephiroth been in a fight where he had been challenged this much and injured this badly. Undoubtedly, many of his muscles were now torn from all the strain he had put on them just to continue the fight, not to mention the attacks from the summons.

    Once more, he charged in attack. He completely ignored defence now, armed with only the Masamune. If he had materia, he may have used Reflect or Shell to lessen the damage of the magic attacks, but for now, against the numbers he was facing now, a pure offensive was the only way he could fight. It was true that this meant he took on heavy damage, but in the same note, he was able to inflict heavy damage in return.

    The summons once again gave their attacks, brute strength and powerful magic once more engulfing his entire body as the attack hit. Again, he tumbled to the ground.

    This time, unlike all the other times before, he did not get up.

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