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Sephiroth (elite_soldier) wrote in visionsofsquare,
@ 2003-11-30 17:51:00
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    Sephiroth ATTN Eiko and co.
    Sephiroth barely had the time to back out of the way, leaping back just enough to dodge the attack head on. However, he wasn't able to completely clear the attack, and this new summon managed to claw into his side. This was followed by the twin attacks of fire and wind, which now hit him in full impact, now that he had let down his guard. The attack seered into his open wounds and cut across his flesh. Barely surpressing a look of pain, he slid in his landing, tumbling in a heap of blood and leather across the ground for a bit.

    Almost immediately, he forced himself up, refusing to lose. He was completely willing to die first, before admitting to defeat. For a moment, he wavered in place, before finally straightening and taking a few staggering steps towards the summons. They didn't attack . . . yet. It was clear they wanted to hurt him, but not kill him, and there was a brief bit of hesitation as now both sides had a chance to look upon the other's injuries.

    It was true that they had suffered severe injuries themselves, and were quite worn out, but the phoenix had managed to keep all damages to a minimum with its healing. As for Sephiroth, he was in much worse shape, and if it wasn't for his unique biological make up, he would no doubt be dead or immobilized by now. Still, he paid injuries, and the fact that he was overpowered absolutely no heed. He was completely focused on the fight.

    Raising the Masamune in a completely offense position, he charged forward, pushing his already strained body past its limits as he kept on his attack.

    Even if the summons had wanted to cease fighting, in the end, he would force them to.

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