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Heather Ann (visiblybrave) wrote,
@ 2007-03-29 07:52:00
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    Current mood: relieved
    Current music:the shower

    Who dreams like me
    I had a scary dream last night.
    I dreamed that Lorelie (my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend's illegitimate child) was actually Jesse's daughter. Jesse was furious, but I was secretly excited, cause that meant I got a daughter, but skipped the whole bitchy pregnancy part and still have a stretchmark-free body!
    So then Jesse decides he's gonna sue his ex for custody, and PJ gets us a really good lawyer. The judge took one look at Daisy (← that's Jesse's ex's name) and said that she was an unfit mother, and that I was Lorelie's new mother. We legally changed her name to Jessica Ann Battalino, and bought her nice clothes, cause all of her stuff was second hand. Now, here's where the scary shit starts happening...

    We head home from shopping, and we were driving this big SUV. Jesse said it was safer for Jessica to have a big, heavy car, in case we got hit. We turn down our driveway, and there's tons of smoke coming out of our windows. We call 911, and I stay with Jessica whilst Jesse runs in to save the cats and Harley. A couple minutes later, he comes running out, but Daisy and her exboyfriend (← who, in real life, is the father of Daisy's kid) is running ahead of him. Jesse's chasing them with a big stick. A fire engine pulls up, and they restrain tiny little Daisy and Co (neither of them are taller than five feet in real life; in my dream, they were miniscule) whilst we wait for the cops to come arrest them.

    Daisy's ex kept yelling for Jessica, but the baby calls for "Mommy and Daddy" and reaches for Jesse and I. We go and I pick her up and she falls asleep and drools all over my favourite T shirt. One of the migits breaks out of the firefighters hold and comes running at me and Jessica with an axe. I turn so that the axe will slice open my back, but not harm Jessica, and I awake just before it hits.


    I instantly counted on my fingers. Assuming that Jesse was sleeping with Daisy up until the day we met, then the last time they screwed would be December 10th. (I'm actually pretty sure it was before that, but just to be safe.)
    I think Lorelei was born on my birthday, October 5th. So... December January February March April May June July August September October... Oh thank the Goddess!! There's no way Jesse and I have a secret Hispanic daughter out there. Cause I really like the shit in my house, I don't need anybody burning it down. Plus.... I have a life. I don't have time for a daughter! I'm only three years away from my B.A.!

    Freaky dream from freak land. I don't even know why that idea was in my subconscience, but thank God it's out, huh?

    Well, I feel better. I'm going to school now.

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