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Alex (virtuehxc) wrote,
@ 2004-03-31 01:10:00
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    Current mood:excited
    Current music:Brand New - Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades

    "Hello, my name is Alex Queupumil, and I am addicted to coffee."
    OK journal, hang on tight. I'm gonna go through this real quick and briefly.

    Battle of the Bands: Everyone left (Diana, Ama). And some people didn't even go (Beena). Anyways, the 3 people that stayed did however seem to enjoy the show somewhat. We played a an almost completely different setlist. We started out with Glassjaw's "Pretty Lush", which I totally messed up. My wireless system was giving me quite a headache. ERR! Then we played "Piano". Went a lot better than Pretty Lush. And lastly, we ended with the almost PopCore "The Shooting Star That Destroyed Us All"....phew! Wow, that was a long name. Damn emo kids. [No little funny comments, I'm NOT an "emo" kid. more like...emo young man. lol]. Yeah so, everyone liked that one. I expected it.

    Uhmm...shit. Not a lot happened after that. Oh!

    Relay for Life: THAT was an interesting experience. There were a lot of people there who I wasn't expecting to see (though I really should have expected). James, Diana, Marlene, Patty, Pedro (Oh wow...his computer can do anything....seriously). We did a bunch of stuff. Played manhunt, football (learn how to play people...), and with some spare time we did walk. LOL. Most of the time though, we just hung out and talked. Diana and Johnny brewed some bad blood at one point. She pulled his eyebrow ring by mistake and made it bleed, and he got a bit angry. It took us 'til sunrise to get her to feel better about it (then again, sunrise was only like 10 minutes away when this happened). I must say, after it started getting lighter, it was almost kind of disappointing. I guess it was because I knew it was almost over. I was having such a good time. It actually made me really depressed after. I just thought "after high school, this will never happen again." I'll probably never hang out with even HALF of those people that were there. The worst part is that I'm sure they won't remember. I'm sure we'll all just move on. It's really made me kinda depressed. Alright, let's not get too much into that.

    OMFG! My cell keeps interfering with my wireless keyboard. Today I dropped my cell and it got a big scratch. GRR!! Oh well, I think I'm gonna change the case anyways.

    Moving on.

    State: State competitions for Drama start tommorrow. WOOHOO! 5,000 Drama kids from FL are gonna take over downtown Tampa! Oh yeah, expect the worse! ;-] Today I went shopping for stuff to take, mostly coffee. No bullshit, I'm taking like 20 bottles of Frapp. lol. Yes yes. It's gonna rock my socks. Ima represent Da 3-Oh-Fizzle! Tell you all about it when I come back.

    "Hello, my name is Alex Queupumil, and I am addicted to coffee." -Confession of a self-admitting addict

    Alright all, I'm out. Gotta pack and say my goodbyes.

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