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Sandy (violentwhispers) wrote,
@ 2004-10-04 09:35:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:none really

    "Nobody Gives a Hunk of Shit Who You Are, You're in the Army Now Son!"
    Things have been okay again lately, except for the whole being sick thing, but hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. But sunday is the Metallica concert, I can't wait, I've never seen them live in person before and I can't wait, I just hope that they don't do the garbage from St. Anger because then I'll be pissed off, but it should be fun anyway.
    I've bought a bunch of cool stuff lately, on top of both of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force dvds I bought Forrest Gump, I love that movie, and a Hello Kitty sheet set and comforter. If someone who didn't know me walked in to my room they would be massively confused. The walls are black and red, there's pictures everywhere, and on the one wall I have a sword and a dagger hanging up and then I have a samauri sword on my floor, still in the box from when Brian gave it to me, waiting to be hung up, I have a pair of arnis sticks on the floor too, then I have a hello kitty bedset on one bed, and a pooh bear one on the other bed, Alice in Wonderland figurene things on one shelf, candles and such on another and then random pictures on my bed, but I love my room it's so fun.
    I gotta get working on my paper for criminalistics, and I really don't wanna do it, it's on ballistics, so it should be fun once I get it started but that's the hard part.
    So last weekend, maybe two weekends ago Brian had the oblation done to his heart, and they couldn't find the extra fiber, so he had the surgery for no reason, cute huh. So this weekend me, his mom and his sister went out to Scouthaven to see his last ceremony ever. It was cool, and he was the big shot kinda guy i guess because it was his last one, but it was really neat and there was lots of fire, but they said that I'm not allowed to tell anything of it because it's kinda like a secret thing I guess, I don't get it because I'm not a boy scout and I don't know the rules. But it was cool to be there and be a part of something he's loved and done forever.
    So Kali is a girl scout now and that means only one thing GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!! I can't wait, I'm gonna order like 52 boxes and eat them all in one sitting because they are so delicious and I'm a fat ass. My Aunt Kathy had this brilliant idea that she would become a troop leader next year and I could be her assistant leader. ha ha ha she's so funny. Amanda heard this and she said "what made you think of Sandy and little kids, it wouldn't be a girl scout troop, it would be boot camp" and she's right which is the best part.
    Well class is in a little bit so im gonna go and read for it because I haven't done that yet and I have a test on Wednesday I think on the stuff I haven't read so I gotta get doin that

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