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Sandy (violentwhispers) wrote,
@ 2004-06-01 00:45:00
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    Current mood: exhausted
    Current music:Supertramp - Breakfast in America

    .:. Don't You Look at my Girlfriend, She's the Only One I've Got .:.
    It's been a very long and busy day at work, it sucked because we were busy from the minute i walked in till like 930, that really sucked Bobbi Amanda and Sally all had big tables and i only got five bucks from them bitches..ohh well, maybe tomorrow i can make ten then i'd be all set. But the cajun chicken deluxe i ate doesn't seem to be sitting right, i hate when that happens. and i realized how good Supertramp is, i like them alot, first i just knew take the long way home then i found out that alot of the songs i liked but never knew who sung them were by supertamp so that's cool. ohh man last night was fun, cristina stayed here and her and kenny did the milk challenge, they both chugged a half gallon of whole milk, to see who could get it down first and cristina won, that rocked, but now there are a bunch of puke puddles at the end of my drive way, oh man it was so gross, the neighbors were even watching, it was great. well dan and brian still aren't talking to eachother, so that's not good, but ohh well whatcha gonna do, not my problem, dan's "blockbuster surprise" will just have to wait till they kiss (asexually, of course) and make up. i dyed my hair today, i can't really tell the difference but everyone else says they can see the red in it, so i think in the next couplea months im gonna bleach it blonde then do it the burgandy color i want it to be. well that's about it, im gonna go night night now.

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