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Sandy (violentwhispers) wrote,
@ 2004-05-29 02:04:00
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    Current mood: uncomfortable
    Current music:Phil Collins - Easy Lover

    .:. Stuck Here in the Middle .:.
    well tonight was definately very interesting, after a long allergy filled day at work, i went to tailgate which was a war zone, the couch was in front of the community services center, and then brian come running around the corner, almost knocking me down, and told me that rich, dan and anthony were out and around egging him and kev, so i did the smart thing and went and sat by ann-marie, and just watch things get out of hand. after the big attack, dan took his last egg and broke it in his hand over brian's head getting egg all over him then took off. after dan came back all brian said to him was "fuck you" and then they get in to an argument, and brian packed up his camera and left, all he said to me was "i'll call you tomorrow" and drove away. so then im standing there and dan's screaming shit kinda directed at me because im with brian and brian's all pissed at now im horribly stuck in the middle of this big huge problem. but last week we had the best tailgate ever, we saw kids get arrested, and thena whole bunch of other funny stuff happened and then we all left and it was only anthony and dan and ann-marie and sam drove by and threw an egg at dan but they missed and got anthony so it was alot of fun...but i just worked for 11 hours and 25 minutes, and i have to be up at 11:30 to be at work by noon and ti's about 3 hours past my bed time so im gonna go nighty night now

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