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Sandy (violentwhispers) wrote,
@ 2004-03-15 12:25:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:Evanescence - Going Under

    .:. We're Gonna Pop that Metallica Cherry .:.
    Well this weekend kinda sucked ass....first of all on friday i had to do a double as usual but we were so busy we had 2 people actually waiting for a table...but keep in mind this was at one not i had to bust my ass to get the tables cleaned and set up and none of the waitresses helped and out of the three only amanda tipped me which sucked, then it finally slowed down and me and amanda ate...but then i forgot to punch back in so now i don't think that the faggot is gonna pay me for it until next that also sucks...thenwe were so fucking busy later on...i took almost 60 to gos that sucked steve nick and brian wanted to kill me...but that's okay...then when i came home Dan-E and my Brian came over and we watched really old tailgate was so much fun...then they informed me that we got the tickets to the Metallica show...which is gret because i'm still a Metallica im pumped...then saturday aunt jean wanted me to wait on tables for her cuz she was workin for autumn because her daddy isn't well yet, but i wasn't ready to handle that..then i just laid around most of saturday until brian came over at like eight then we just watched tv...until jenny brought me home some prime rib and me brian feasted on it...then sunday he left early for school and then i went shoppin with my mommy then layed around some more then me and mommy played rummy and i was whoppin her ass until like the last three hands and she came back and beat me by five points...that sucks...but since im on spring break im gonna try to hang out with Jackie since i haven't seen her since her graduation party so that should be fun..then maybe i'll hang out with Tabetha and Angela too if they are up for it...well jenny's all broken up with rob...that's so sad...timmy's broken up with karen...which is also so sad...but he still has that hickey..which is just funny...she left a permant mark on him...literally...ha ha...ohh yeah i can't wait till friday!!

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