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Madame Guillotine (vintageglove) wrote,
@ 2004-02-26 21:40:00
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    Current mood: cynical
    Current music:Dead Kennedys - Forest Fire

    I enjoy my friend's...
    I was talking to Demmi, AKA Chrybmb, for a little while.... an insignificant conversation, but still, the best company i've had all day....

    chrybmb420: hey
    BootlegRobotics: Whoa!
    BootlegRobotics: Hey!
    chrybmb420: wazup homie
    BootlegRobotics: Areoplanes..... and clouds and, and, and... blueness.
    chrybmb420: hahhahah across the universe is on your profile thats coo
    BootlegRobotics: Yeah... I had that song stuck in my head all f-ing day.
    chrybmb420: hhaha
    chrybmb420: crazy
    BootlegRobotics: Fo sho
    chrybmb420: dude catering to venus and caustic resin played a show together last night\
    chrybmb420: at neuor;ux
    BootlegRobotics: Yeah... my mom told me about that....
    BootlegRobotics: Did you go?
    chrybmb420: nerolux, 21 and over my friend
    BootlegRobotics: Pssh... oh yeah. I forgotteded.
    chrybmb420: but i watched the video tape today and it was a really good show
    BootlegRobotics: I bet.
    chrybmb420: suzanne and dana were all drunk and dancin all over the place it was funny
    BootlegRobotics: Haha!
    chrybmb420: and this chick with this like blonde super curly hair told my mom that she wanted to bone andy
    BootlegRobotics: HAHAHAHA
    chrybmb420: and then she founf out that who my dad was and she went to muy mom and was like you were with him too your lucky
    BootlegRobotics: That lady sounds like a wack-o.
    BootlegRobotics: A poop weirdo.
    chrybmb420: i know
    chrybmb420: poop
    chrybmb420: hehehe
    BootlegRobotics: Tehee!
    chrybmb420: so battle of the bands is on sunday the13th
    BootlegRobotics: Really?
    chrybmb420: and ctv is playin
    BootlegRobotics: Coo.. we should go toether... with Rae.
    chrybmb420: yah
    chrybmb420: im plannin on goin
    chrybmb420: its on a sunday though so theres school the next day
    chrybmb420: and its pretty late
    BootlegRobotics: Oh... that's dumb,
    chrybmb420: yeah
    chrybmb420: but im goin any way
    BootlegRobotics: My mom might let me go... maybe,,,,,,
    BootlegRobotics: If I ask.
    chrybmb420: we should practice again i feel like playin but i have noone to jan with
    chrybmb420: man
    BootlegRobotics: Yea. doooood
    chrybmb420: 8-)we need to find a drummer
    chrybmb420: some one who just clicks
    BootlegRobotics: Clicks.
    chrybmb420: and we dont need to teach them anything
    BootlegRobotics: Yeah.......
    chrybmb420: we all just play good together
    BootlegRobotics: The only drummers I know are assholes AND they're already in bands....
    chrybmb420: hahaha
    chrybmb420: yah
    chrybmb420: same here
    BootlegRobotics: Hmm....
    BootlegRobotics: I wonder how we would find one....
    chrybmb420: yeah
    BootlegRobotics: We could place an ad in the paper, but... that means there might be, like, auditions... and that's dumb.
    chrybmb420: yeah
    chrybmb420: its like it should just happen
    chrybmb420: but noone we know can play
    BootlegRobotics: DAMNIT!
    BootlegRobotics: AHHH!
    chrybmb420: hahah
    chrybmb420: i know
    BootlegRobotics: What if someone just fell out of the sky... and they could play the drums...
    chrybmb420: that would be awsome
    BootlegRobotics: Yeah
    chrybmb420: but dude i got to go
    BootlegRobotics: Okay..
    chrybmb420: ill talk to you later
    chrybmb420: till next time
    chrybmb420: nah nye
    BootlegRobotics: Goodbye!
    chrybmb420 signed off at 9:35:36 PM.

    Today was a horrid day. But hey! My dentist gave me some valium for my tooth!
    I may be cynical, but at least i'm not neurotic.

    Yesterday was my birthday.
    People sang to me.
    Rae gave me a better Ouija board... and a Japanese sub-title movie.
    Caustic Resin and CTV, played at the Neurolux last night, too (duh)
    I really wanted to go, but I couldn't...
    That's the third time Brett, Demmi's dad, has been in town, and I haven't been able to go to a show.
    They always play at the bars.....

    Tomorrow is Friday. I want to go to the Record Exchange.
    Maybe I wont, maybe I will....

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