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Erica (victim21) wrote,
@ 2003-11-01 01:12:00
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    Current mood: curious
    Current music:watermark//armsbendback

    I want to live inside you to see just what you see It would feel so relaxing to know that you're with me and it feels so good to live my life through your eyes
    Today was good for the most part. Oh yeah, Happy Halloween. =]

    Went to school, the usual. 1st and 2nd period were nothing, 3rd hour i dont remember, but im pretty sure i was being crabby and did absolutely nothing. 4th hour we reviewed and me and Lauren just talked all period. Lunch was pretty entertaining. Study hall was sucky. 6th hour was funny. We had a sub and we were drawing our pictures and that crazy african kid was tellin Aaron somethin about the way he was drawing his picture wrong so i was like "whats goin on" and i told off the african kid. It was funny, then John went over there and told him off a second time, he thinks hes so great, but his work sucks. asshole. 7th hour wasnt bad, we had a sub and we just worked, easy stuff basically. Not bad.

    After school i came home and what not, did some things, took a shower, ate some dinna. Brian picked me up at quarter till 7. Jesse called, and so did Monica. =/ I felt bad for some reason, and mark is mad at me. gr. Lets me and brian picked up kyle and went back to his house, we 'made' costumes. I made brian a Miss America sash out of duct tape. It was beautiful. Then we walked to phils house and stopped at like 4 houses to trick or treat. Then we walked back from phils house, went and picked up amber and sat in Brians garage forever. He has a way nifty slot machine, so me and Amber played that for awhile, and listened to them play. Decided to start a bonfire and we sat there for a couple hours. It was nice. We always do the coolest things. Took amber and phil home and went back to Brians, watched tv and he told me a story about meeting bam margera. lucky. and then i came home around 12:30. Im mad cuz i could have stayed out later, cuz mother is snoozing. Oh well. I had a very nice nite. =]

    Tomarrow=Saturday. I think ima get my hair cut and dye it and then later in the day me and george are goin to the muse to see Drop the one. Oh Boy. I need to make dem flyers.

    Im so sick of getting kicked offline today. Its rather annoying. Im hungry, chips and dip just aint cuttin it. Oi. Very tired...barely slept last night. no1's online, maybe i should just go to bed.

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