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Karen (vickersbabe25) wrote,
@ 2004-12-20 22:39:00
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    Current mood:awake

    oh dear....
    work gets more and more interesting by the day...marie aka hitler closed
    i come in and they're getting their ASSES kicked. drive thru was wrapped,counter was out the what do i do? sit in the office and eat jeffro's fudge. :-p
    so i clocked in and hitler's all "go get stock!" so i'm doing that..go figure it took me an so then hitler tells me to "go on break!" so me and britt go on break..and poor richie's sittin all by himself and we're all.."hey you boy! you can sit with us." so he did..and we had a 20 minute conversation about my dog,and an even longer one about christmas shopping. all of a sudden hitler's telling me to clock back in because im 8 minutes does she KNOW all this!? she wasnt even up front when i clocked out..shes secretly telepathic i think. so she gives me a drawer and puts in me in back drive thru-ahhh it was cold! i stole miller's letterman jacket because it's warm and smells like curve..and aimee gave me her scarf..which is KICK ASS. it has little hand pockets!! i was toasty... :) flo came in at like...7 and she walks in and in her 'voice' is like "HEY MILLER HOWS YOUR BABY.."..they proceeded to have a retard voice convo about bustin eggs..and about silbaugh's FUPA. i finally got outta the back and i was up front where..we cleaned. and sang. alot. and i got to leave all in all it was fun...

    and BILLIE JO is back..i was soo excited..i PRAY deb lets her come back to work...she cracks me up..

    now im gonna go watch the pats game..and of course american chopper...

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