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Karen (vickersbabe25) wrote,
@ 2004-12-30 14:57:00
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    Current mood:blah
    Current music:"bless the broken road"-rascal flatts

    so tommorrow is new years eve..which gets me thinking about this past year...and all the things that happened..
    i gave my heart to someone for the first time and got hurt..this would explain my fear to commit to someone..i GRADUATED and finally got away from high school and all of its drama..when you're in high school you have this..idea of friendship..if you're really lucky it's the RIGHT idea..if you're like me...its NOT. and those people you thought of as friends are really..not..they're just the people God puts in your life to make you appreciate true friends when they come along..i know this because i appreciate my friends so much more because they're true.
    ..i found the greatest friends on earth who've allowed me to show exactly who i really am..had possibly the greatest summer EVER..grew up..kicked back and had a few drinks with those awesome friends of mine..had some fun at parties,some of which i remember..kennywood with my mccrew..a few silly fights reminding us why we're so close-sisters-me*n*michelle~JOHN MAYER!..and everything in between..all things considered..2004 was a kickass year..2005 will be even better..

    work last night was odd..i didnt have to be there til 6:30 and it was like..eww. lol. GEORGE is back yay! i misseded he closed last night..yeah it was fun lol. :)

    i finally got my XM radio in my car..its soo awesome.. i love it! :)

    now off to get ready for LAST night with marie aka really sad she's leaving..if you talk to her about it she CRIES..thats how we know shes gonna miss us no matter how happy she is being closer to home and getting more day shifts. i gotta stop and get her a card before work..its no secret she's always been my favorite manager..ever since day one. now she's leaving..this last night shall be quite memorable i believe..

    "paint me a mcdonaldland..hang it up on the wall right thru windows on both wrapped all the way around..deb's on vacation,lindsays nowhere to be found..for awhile we'll be kinda busy..paint me a mcdonaldland.."
    "strawberry preserves....on my neeeeerves...people order then with biscuits..."
    "mcdonalds french fries...are really good..if you havent tried them..i think you shoouuuldd.."
    -^^FUN TIMES w/HITLER!^^

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