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Karen (vickersbabe25) wrote,
@ 2004-12-22 23:35:00
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    Current mood:sleepy
    Current music:"when i think about cheatin"-gretchen wilson

    work was hellish crew..jarrod went home early..but jeffro cured all..he cracks me up..and he had marie crying cuz even though she denies it shes gonna miss us so much..she'll NEVER find another crew like PLaZa! eek and the whole eggs in the freezer deal..woaaah.

    so monday & tuesday nite theres this really hot kid who came in..on monday i was just being lazy and doing a fun times magazine at front counter and he came in..he kept STARING at me..and im like.."ookay." and as usual we were all being random and crazy and me and flo were being "retarded" and he was laughing at then flo went in the back and i was talking to aimee and he smiled at me. when he left he was like lookin at me and he did 'the nod'. weird. yesterday we had no plaza managers just alice from 21..and let me just say..when they were saying we were getting a manger from 21-i was like..eww i hope it isnt chris kell. and britt was all..we'd just piss him off..but anywho..i was on counter..and that boy came in AGAIN and i waited on him and he was all nice and..he's just cute. but i miss cute boy from school..LOL..

    speaking of school..i miss nessa too! us and our crazy PD class..i think we have psychology together this time..i know i have every class with jessica and leah...and i think psych with CUTE BOY! wait i know i do..cuz we were lookin at each others schedules and hes like "dude we have psych together!" ahh..

    so SATURDAY is christmas..of course im getting a FEW things..mostly a whoolee buncha money! thats all i want i get payed TOMMORROW..niiiicccee. i think we're going to robinison on SUNDAY. i love spending money!!'

    anyway..its like 12am so im going to more day of work then...IM OFF! wheee..i cant wait. until then.....

    "When I think about cheatin'
    I just think about you leavin'
    And how my world would fall to pieces
    If I tossed your love away
    Even when i'm tempted by some stranger
    Oh there's never any danger
    I just think about you leavin'
    When I think about cheatin"

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