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E. C Berkowitz (vi0lentlyhappy) wrote,
@ 2003-06-11 21:32:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:White Stripes

    somebody ripped out my heart
    New background, and Icon. Manson Yay. Not a lot to write about today, Im just having a convo with Ben about superficial ppl,and stuff like that. Hi Ben if ur reading! Hes a great person. Didnt really get2know him properly till now. I love our lil late nite School was funny. Put my mind off things for a while,at least. Went out with Ash tonite, which was so much fun. It was kinda laid back, like i cud talk about anything. He bought me lunch, which hasnt been done for a long time, and made me feel like ..well.. me. It cheered me up a bit. He's opened my eyes a little,how i can be myself,and still be accepted for who i am. He's also got me wondering about Long Term Relationships. I say no more,as i want this to be public,not private. My eyes are sore. I keep staring out the window, wondering, wishing Jamie was there. If i cud write good poetry, id be onto a best seller now,the way i feel. I feel like im detatched from everything again. Im exhausted, emotionally drained. Life isnt dealing me a good hand.. I just hope it gets better soon. Thank you Ash for a great day. Thanks everyone at skool for a wikkid day too. Even tho i dont wanna be here. Thanks.

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