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Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
@ 2009-01-16 23:10:00
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    Christian bus driver Ron Heather refuses to drive bus with atheist advert on it
    Christian bus driver Ron Heather in Southampton, who drives for First Bus, has refused to drive buses with the atheist "There is probably no God" advert campaign. Ridiculously, the company have been bending to his wishes and avoiding making him drive those buses, although both parties agree that if there is no other bus, he will have to drive one of them.

    This is ridiculous; imagine if vegetarians could demand not to work in places advertising meat-based food; if atheists refused to work in (for example council town halls) that display religious propaganda such as leaflets (i.e., opening times) from a local church.

    His personal pride and arrogance may seem fine to him, but he certainly hasn't given this much thought. If religious beliefs trump practicalities, then society falls apart amidst sectarian intolerance for almost anything.

    The daft Ron Heather forces society down one of two roads:

    (a) All beliefs are permitted to enforce their dogmas on others, leading to anarchy and chaos, and almost essentially, to the complete segregation of people into clusters, by beliefs, so that they don't have to see each other's religious symbols or adverts.

    (b) Hard secularism, where all religious statements are barred from the public sphere.

    Tell us, Ron Heather and First Bus (who are encouraging those like him), which route you want to take us down!

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