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dollface (veritabella) wrote,
@ 2004-02-08 19:07:00
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    Current mood: optimistic
    Current music:rememeber when

    seduction is simplistic..
    in the heat of the moment
    wise decisions are not made
    but we dont give a fuck
    we'll deal with it later.

    ok i thought of that in the shower and it was way better cause thats not it, i just forgot to write it down.
    this must have been my longest hiatus ever, i usually had something to say, something to preach or somplain about or even just discuss. nope, i was not in the mood. i have been in a screen name making mood latley though. i added three more. if you want them or wanna know what one ill be on more, just ask.

    too bad to hear about
    it sucks
    when things dont
    turn out
    the way you
    want them to.

    my colors are obnoxious ive decided. when im not too busy ill figure out my computer and how to make it awesome, like myras. i absolutley love her style.
    check it out cause its cool she had the moves, she had the speed...
    speaking of her journal. i want her to design it but i dont want to have to switch over to LJ to do it, do any of you know if it is similar to blurty or not?

    no, i cant go out friday night im sorry, MY LAMB IS ILL

    i laugh at you. i laugh like the repressor forcing the dna master strand to die muahahahahaha. i laugh at you because you are like the dwarf grumpy and i am not. hah
    < /3

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