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Tabby (vengefulpenguin) wrote,
@ 2003-06-07 15:38:00
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    Current mood: aggravated

    Blue Star Cup
    Yesterday was Sully's 16 Birthday. Happy Birthday Sully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (<- There are 16 ! lol ) Wow, 2 more years and you'll be an adult. Enjoy your childhood while you can. Have fun driving. Hehehe.

    Brandon came over yesterday. He helped Dave with the Backyard. Me and my mom sanded the poles in the front. Then we all had fun, moving rocks. Then, after that Brandon invited me sister 2 come on a walk with us ::shocked face:: why would you even think of doing that? I mean nothing against my sister or anything, I love her and all, but we havent been alone is almost 2 weeks. I thought it was a little wierd...His mom has until Tuesday off, so I might be able 2 go 2 his house 2morrow :-). I hope i can. Dave wants 2 finish the backyard 2morrow, becuase it's suppose 2 b nice. So I dunno if I'll be able 2 but i really, REALLY, hope I can. Brandon's being all wierd....Ok wow. I just got off the phone with Brandon and I am gonig over his house 2morrow. His dad is Picking me up at 9:00. Wow so I have to get up at liek 7:45 or something so I can take a shower look all pretty. lol. But yea he's being wierd he gets sad and wont tell me why and I hate that because I kno I can't hewlp him 2 feel better so I get sad and I don't like that. Well he's happy now, Well happier then earlier, so I'm happy I'm really happy I get 2 see him. YAY!!!(<- 3 !, Not 16, Sully's 16.If you were paying attention you'd know this already. :-))

    Today's Random Question: If you had 2 move 2 a deserted island for 6 Months and could only bring 3 items with you, what would you bring?(Note:You can bring people 2.)

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