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Sonja (vegansonja) wrote,
@ 2004-11-11 06:02:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:"Always On My Mind" -Willie Nelson :D

    "Pan, Pan, Greek god Pan! One half goat, the other half maaan."
    I'm primarily writing this for my own brief amusement. SO... don't grow attached, sexies. :):):)

    The night before last, I emailed my elementary school music teacher. Long story short, she'll soon be mailing me a cassette recording of the narration to my favorite childhood film strip.

    Gosh. Such anticipation!

    ... I think I'm losing mental function. ...or otherwise finding it increasingly difficult to focus on anything pertaining to interpersonal communication.

    ...but I'll get to see "La Cenerentola" tomorrow. w00t. <-ignore that :)


    I'm told I'm a bit too heavy on the pretending I suck. People might accidentally start believing me. Allow me to clarify. ...and please don't think me a butt hole for compiling this list. I'm drowsy and already feeling guilty.

    1. By most standards, I'm not even remotely an ugly troll (whatever that means).
    2. I'm not really mathematically retarded. I'm mathematically 'above average'.
    3. If I imply that I can't cook, what I really mean is "don't watch me cook--I'm psychologically damaged". Similar statements can be made for almost every activity on which I make such implications.
    4. I'm not really crappy, a butt hole, a terrible person, or any such thing I may call myself. I'm secretly a rather intensely caring person with significant guilt issues (thanks to my psychological damage).
    5. My psychological damage is very minor as these things go. :):):) With that said, I really will dwell on nearly anything if not provided with proper reassurance.
    6. While it is exceedingly true to say that I can't speak Dutch, I can easily speak it as well as those other kids in my class. :)
    7. I call myself a wimp, but I can 'take (physically or otherwise)' most things more easily than can most that I've known.
    8. Stuff I don't care to recall due to an intense desire for sleepzzzzzzzzzzz <-not plural--that was supposed to indicate my falling asleep at the precise moment at which I finished typing the word 'sleep'. That didn't really happen. I'm going to bed.

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