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bf brownstein (rocknrollfun) wrote in vegans,
@ 2003-09-21 09:13:00
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    Hey there everybody. Im not vegan. Im not even vegetarian, to tell you the truth i work in this deli where they make all of their own meats. its actually kind of gross, but im getting used to it. the reason im here is because my two best friends here are vegan, and i find myself eating with them all the time. (in fact, i just recently moved, so i only have two friends. so im with them like... everyday). Anyway, we went and ate thai food the other day and were all so excited to get fortune cookies. we read the fortunes, and they pushed all the cookies towards me. it was excited to get three cookies instead of one, but i felt bad about it because they were like "man. i used to love fortune cookies!" sooo.. i decided i wanted to make some for them. i found some recipies online, and they all need egg whites. my question.. has anyone made vegan fortune cookies before? im not really good at knowing all the stuff about vegans.. so what can i use to substitute for egg whites? i have that egg replacer in a box (energy.. or something?). will that work? any and all help will be greatly appreciated :)

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