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Vanilla Gorilla (vanilla_gorilla) wrote,
@ 2003-06-12 21:18:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:Talib Kwali/Get By

    whats new lately, haven't gotten my tattoony done yet, call it laziness or lack of time for things, um, i think my new favorite artist is Jin, he was retired on BET's freestyle fridays and got signed to the Ruff Ryders, but the thing i like the most about him is that he's Chinese, AZN PRIDE babee, we're coming up asian people are going to be the next big thing, and then after that its gonna be mutts, you know people that aren't really anything specific, so i'm pretty set for a while cuz i land under both of those catagories, HA HA i win.....i want to go to timmy's thingy but i don't think that i'll have the time off, and i don't know where he lives oh well, thats easy, hey tim if you read this you need to give me directions or maybe we should set something up, like a ron-dez-vooz, phonetics rule, oh well, i'll be in eburg all summer and won't have anything to do but live in government housing and barbeque, oh yeah, i'm going to be leaching off the government, we're living in government housing next year, its gonna be nice, max rent they can charge is like 175 or something disgustingly cheap, i love it, finally i get to fuck the man in the ass!! HA HA take that pinko, socialist, nazi, communist, castro supporting, jackass motherfuckers, tee hee, i work freight crew now too so i sleep funny cuz i get off at like 11 in the afternoon and its hard to sleep in the middle of the day so i get like 4 hours of sleep these days, caffine is really helping me through this rough patch in my life, i think i'm going to have a heart attack, oh well.......i think i'm going to go and watch a movie, maybe nightmare on elm street or lilo and stitch, haven't decided yet......PEACE

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