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Vanilla Gorilla (vanilla_gorilla) wrote,
@ 2003-09-11 09:57:00
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    Current mood: cynical
    Current music:humming from puter, cuz no sound card, RAAAAR!

    hello moto
    wow, its been a while since i did this, lets see quick overview of whats been going on, well for starters, and i think the ladies will like this, i am currently single and ready to mingle, i work freight crew so i think i might have transformed into a vampire, which kinda sucks cuz i'd like to be a werewolf more, i'll elaborate on that later, i don't sleep much anymore, i stayed up for 37 hours straight two days ago, and i'm at the better half of 20 hours right now, don't see myself sleeping soon either, oh well, like they said in the 80's, its hip to be square, right? oh well, fuck 'em, i played DDR the past 2 days, i'm actually pretty good for never playing before, its fun too, i've been kicking the idea of reformatting my hard drive and starting over from scratch lately, my sound card crapped out and now i haven't any music to listen to from wench my supple loins fruited the bearer of sorrow winds and misfortunate shit, other than that lifes been hunky dorry, i live in government housing now, so this month we payed a dollar for rent, thats right, 1 dollar was the due payment on the 5th, i asked my roomy if he needed me to pay for my part of the rent, i reaced into my pocket and pulled out a shiney quarter and offered it to him thussly, you can't see my hand movement, or can you? but yeah, evenson, if you try and get a hold of me, i'm in a different spot so you can't reach me at the old i'll let you know whats up soon, cuz i got a gamecube and f-zero and it rocks the box for real, we got a sweet setup too, you'll have to check it, i'd tell you the new digits but i don't want all the crazy skanks after my beautiful nuts calling my heazy and the teazy, ya undadig, well i'm out like pauly shore, and stay coola that a polar bears toe nail on the other side of the pillow

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