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Vanilla Gorilla (vanilla_gorilla) wrote,
@ 2003-08-19 11:02:00
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    Current mood: predatory
    Current music:Trigun, Yellow Alert

    Warcraft has taken me
    well i haven't done this in a while, been playing a lot of Warcraft, Frozen Throne expansion, a lot of gamecube too, animal crossings is like crack, not sure why its so addicting but it is, i should go to a group or something, oh well nothing i can do about it right? oh yeah, found this site called funny stuff yous guys should go and chiggity check it out, what else is new in my life right now? new neptunes is supposed to come out today, pretty jazzed about that, outkast is comming out with a new album, its going to be double, but its not going to be big boi and andre together, their making two single albums together, thats gonna titty, lets see what else, went and saw Freddy vs. Jason, FUCKIN A ROCKING COOL, first 2 minutes you see boobies, it was very nice, it reminded me a lot of the old movies, you know with blood that sprays 10 feet and really disgustingly gorey and over the top, but thats why its so fuckin cool, saw some nice previews for new movies, house of the dead, a movie called underworld which is about the battle between vampires and werewolfs, looked pretty nice, but the one that i was most hugafied, <---thats pronounced huge-a-fied, thats one of my new words, anywho, the movie i was most hugafied by, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, oh yeah their remaking it, it looks like it has the same jist as the original, some people pick up a hitchiker who's all freaked out, oh lets help her out, we'll take her home, too bad her home is infested with cannibals and some big fucker with a chainsaw, you know what that means? YOU GONN DIE BITCHS, oh i am so there when that comes out, i think i'm gonna stop worrying about how good the movies plot is and in depth shit like that, and i'm taking it back to the good ole days when hack and slash movies ruled the school, those are the movies i'm looking for now, yeah, well thats about all i got, i gotta go and cool off before i go and kill someone, just remember.........1,2.....freddys commin for you.........3, better lock your door............5,6..........grab your crucafix.............7,8.......don't stay out late...........9,10..........never sleep again

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