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Vin Diesel (v_diesel) wrote,
@ 2003-04-07 17:56:00
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    Current mood: confused

    Well damn.
    Well, I was shot down by Jordana. Oh well, I know she's recovering from that ass Carter, but you know, a guy can try.

    And to make matters worse she told me she liked me on the set of Fast & Furious. What a joke, it's like, you tell me you liked me then now? After filming? She said she didn't want to date and work together, which I understand, but it's still unsettling. To think I could have had a great girl like her over the last floozy I dated is hard to think about.

    And if we had started dating then I could have stopped her from dating Nick. Oh well.

    I guess if we're meant to be, we'll end up together, right?

    Rachel asked if I wanted to go out for drinks later, I said I didn't know. Should it feel wrong that if I go with her, it's like I'm betraying Jordana? Jordana and I have nothing but friendship, but she knows I like if I like her, should I go and have drinks with Rachel?

    Wow, maybe I am getting soft. Maybe I should just go out to the other end of LA and fuck half of Manchester Ave. For those of you who aren't from LA, Manchester is basically hooker street.

    I tried calling Mom to see what she thought - she wasn't home. Oh well. Any thoughts?

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