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Vin Diesel (v_diesel) wrote,
@ 2003-04-24 21:09:00
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    Somethings happening
    Now okay, here I go, completely dateless for awhile, and all of a sudden I'm meeting girls whose company I actually enjoy.

    So okay yeah, I had that girlfriend...*rolls eyes* We won't go there. I can't honestly believe that I even asked her out. What was I thinking? Have I learned nothing since this sudden fame came over me? Do not date girls who are after your fame or money. And what do I do? Pick up the first girl that comes by. Smart Vin, smart Vin.

    Then I come on here. After the whole fiasco with Jordana & Paul that I never wish to go into again, I meet up with Ali, and she's a pretty awesome girl. Then I meet Laetitia, now she, is very interesting. I met her because she said she hated men. Now determined to prove her wrong, I started talking to her. We ended up going out to get something to eat a few days ago and she is a very awesome girl. I think we went to some french place, I don't know, I wasn't paying attention. Our conversation was real nice, and it was nice to be talking to someone who knew how your life went, even if it was just a little degree. I'd like to see her again, that would be good.

    When I came back online later, I met Meredith and Lucy. Lucy, Lucy Woodward is a cool girl. I just picked up her album the other day, very nice. I picked it up with Meredith's (I was with a friend, alright? My friends into girl singers, so I let her choose my music for once.) and I'm happy with both. Meredith is Meredith Edwards, by the way. She's a country singer.

    Meredith is pretty good. I like some of her stuff, and I would definitely listen to some of the songs again. She's a pretty cool girl as well. I guess she's coming into LA to do some stuff for her manager or something, so we might meet up and grab something to drink or something like that.

    And a certain blonde songtress who I won't name (but very much knows who she is) has let it fly that Trish has a bit of a liking of me? Interesting, but I have to admit I know the name, but I wasn't even sure what she did at first. A wrestler? Wow.

    And thanks to those who commented - I forgot who, but I'll go read your journals and see what you guys are up to. :)

    I need to make new icons, mine are bugging me. Blah.

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