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Uto (uto) wrote,
@ 2003-07-07 19:38:00
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    Current mood: cranky
    Current music:Kelly Clarkson - Miss Independent

    A fucked up week.
    Eric came to visit me on the Sunday the 29th,
    Left on the Wednesday the 2nd. Had a good time with him here.
    Cookout was on that Sunday as well. I grilled steak, made green beans and scalloped potatoes. Yummy!
    However, my allergies acted up halfway through the time he was here.. grew into being slightly sick.
    I took some meds (got yelled at for it- bad combination) and am still suffering with a lingering cough.

    Jenn got a new truck.. it's practically the same as her old Ford Ranger XLT, except this is a XL. Minus the "T".
    And instead of it being green, it's white with a red and grey strip running along the side of it, and instead of a cab on the back, there is a snap tarp. Much better. Rides really nicely too!

    My Fourth of July was horrible. I hated it 150-fucking-% ..
    It was ok to a point.
    When Jenn and got to Tom and Shanette's, I played volleyball
    in the school field across from the house with my friends "Whore" (Evan), "Big" (the taller Evan), Mel, Rachel, Paul, John aka "Goat", and Jon aka "God"-- after a game I hung out with the rest of the huge group.

    We were right down the road from the park, where they were setting the fireworks off. We had a really good view from where we were. Well, anyways, I watched the fireworks alone on the sidewalk, down from the rest of the group (they thought they had a better view but they ended up moving towards me during the Grand Finale).
    Then after the fireworks, we were setting our own off on the school grounds- the field I was playing volleyball on earlier. (public property) Not long into setting our own off did a car of 4 idiots (guys) light a firecracker and toss it out their window at us. It landed behind Whore, who got up and ran after their car. He came back and then he and our friend Trent went to look for them in his car.

    When they got back, they had found them and reported them because they had hit Whore in the left jaw/ shoulder with a crowbar. When the cops came back, they said that the lisc. plates were wrong. So there is problem number 1..

    Sometime after, I was in a conversation with one of the other friends, Dan. I was telling him about how I was sick and suffering with my allergies.. mainly a lingering cough. Jenn was nearby and listening when I mentioned what I had taken for it. After mentioning what I took, she yelled at me (she's worked as a pharmacist for a little over a year). Whore came over and proceeded to ask me what I did and yelled at me too.
    Jenn had said: "You must really be BLONDE under all that red hair dye!" (insinuating that I'm stupid.)
    Whore had said: "YOU STUPID FUCK!" (which made me feel 2 inches tall.)

    After being yelled at, I nearly walked home. Knowing I could get in trouble with *MOM*, I took a walk around the block instead- when I was around the corner from the house, I asked to talk to Whore. I told him how I felt, he apologized and I have yet to confront Jenn. Had I walked home, I would have been in trouble because Jenn would have called my mom to ask her if I had called her to let her know I was coming home or to come get me, mom would have replied with "No, I thought she was with you."-- Hence how I would have ended up in deep shit.

    Not much after all of this bullshit, Jenn took me home and when I got home I chatted with Eric on AIM and then on the phone.
    Falling asleep was the only really good thing out of that night.

    Thank god this whole 4th of July weekend is over.

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