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Uto (uto) wrote,
@ 2003-06-20 17:39:00
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    Current mood: scared
    Current music:Smashing Pumpkins - Ava Adore

    Getting Into A Car Accident.
    Well, I was in a car accident today...

    Jenn and I were right by Walgreens on the intersection of Main Street and Johnson Street- the busiest streets in Fondy-- a semi-trucker waved a lady to come out of the Walgreens parking lot and apparently he never looked in his mirror to see if anyone was coming and we hit her.. she couldn't see us, and we certainly didn't see her... In fact, the lady we hit was one of my counselors at Fondy High.
    So her bumper went from bent from the first accident, to puncturing her left tire.. and her headlight/ blinker is gone and hood of the car is bent a bit.

    James came to pick us up and it made me all lonely because he was hugging her and i was sitting in the grass, in pain. James went with Jenn to get her gear and I was with Trent, following them to where her truck was towed. We had been going home from breakfast at The Stretch with Trent and we got into the accident on the way home. When me and Trent were driving to where Jenn's truck was towed, that one of the big hauling trucks pulled out in from of Trent too.. grr.
    I coulda been in 2 accidents in about an hour's time.

    I might've ripped a tendon or something.. the right side of my neck (front) is very sore, i cant turn my head without it hurting, the back of my neck is sore, and i got my right shoulder blade feeling immensely strained. I have a bad whiplash.. cant turn my head.. my back is in pain, and not to mention my head hitting the window when she braked.

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