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Jaclyn (uthinkurspecial) wrote,
@ 2003-07-26 10:55:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:The Last Song * [aLL amEriCan ReJects]

    ahhh i got back from florida on thursday

    SUNDAY:omg it was amazing, except for the fact that we had to wake up at 5 freaking in the morning cuz our flight left at 7:45!!! ahh it was crazy and we saw Frankie Muniz at the airport with his "family" and they reffered to him as "Michael" wow what a cover up! omg if this wasnt Frankie, i dont know what was, he looked EXACTLY like him it was sick. and then we went on the plane and met this kid from Israel thats moving down to florida, i guess he was cool, i mean he really didnt talk that much, but w/e. and then ari and i went back to her grandmas house and it was really cool cuz she lives in a condo and they have a pool and clubhouse and stuff. so then we go to the pool and this grandma introduced us to her grandsons and they were 12 and 16 and the 16 year old one was so hot ahhh his name was Alex and the other one was Brian, who was really funny, but not hot, but w/e. they live in Massachusets which is really far from here :( but next year we might see them again cuz they come every year i think... yeah so then we went swimming and played shuffleboard with alex and brian and we had no clue how to play so we were just basically making stuff up and then they lost one of the pieces lol it was stuck in the bush and then we caused a whole problem with the old people that play it like everyday lol it was so much fun but we felt bad and we blamed it on them so they had to come back and find the piece and then the finally did. so then we went back to her gmas house and ate and ate and ate!! omg the food there was crazy and the milk was HORRIBLE! right ari?! eww it was some kind of health milk :( wow that was only the first day

    MONDAY: umm i dont really remember what happened, but it was fun i guess lol oh yeah we just went to the pool and played ping pong and tennis and it was fun OH we saw How To Deal good movie, hot guy, its all good lol omg Trent Ford is so hot in the movie and i cried like 10 times lol im such a sap. omg we met these 2 girls there too and they were 4 and 6 and soooo annoying lol they couldnt say Ari's name it was so funny lol

    TUESDAY: went to the pool again and as soon as we were about to leave, Alex and Brian came so we stayed a while longer and went swimming and played ping pong lol they were so funny and then we would have stayed longer, but their grandma said that a storm was coming so we had to go back home. we also got our nails done and the place smelled sooo bad i wanted to puke, but i didnt and the nails are cool

    WEDNESDAY: our last day and we went to the pool and then went out to dinner at this place called Mango's and we got a cheeseburger lol omg ari and i were so bad we were spying on a couple cuz it was their first date and we were making fun of them. eww the waiter just stole my drink and i wasnt even done!!! its ok we thought he was gay anyway lol

    THURSDAY: played ping pong for like an hour and then went on our flight home and we saw another hottie there but we didnt talk to him or anything and the 3 girls behind us were so annoying and one girl like hurt herself o the chair lol it was so funny but she was crying lol

    and then that was basically it for our trip to florida... yesterday me, my sis and aris family went to see marisa's skits at TJ they made no sence whatsoever, but marisa was good ilu babe ;-) aftere that i had to unpack and then Ari and Jen came over and we went swimming and to the park and ate 2 ice creams and pizza and omg it was crazy lol now i am going to see whats going on for today.... wow this was sooo long sry about that well it doesnt matter, no 1 reads this so w.e lol ok im gna go ttyl c ya <3 Jaclyn

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