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U.S.S. Archer (NCC-62750-A) (uss_archer) wrote,
@ 2003-05-29 09:21:00
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    Lt. Cmdr. James Finn [XO] & Lt. Cmdr. Bren Ohmsford [CSciO], Joint Logs
    = [ - Turbolift - ] =

    "Please, don't say anything..." Bren commented, rubbing his forehead. The nausea had subsided a bit but the throbbing headache still continued. "I don't usually get drunk on the job but I've been having some personal problems lately."

    "I know the feeling mate." James sighed. "Got my own problems to deal with at the moment aswell" He added Looking doe eyed at the turbolift doors and rubbing his beard.

    "Amily?" Bren enquired.

    "Tanis?" Finn shot back.

    "How'd You--"

    "Amily" James nodded.

    "And you--"

    "Cross." Bren replied.

    Right, well at least that was over was all James could think. There were more important things to be doing, like getting that extra Juice from the deflector control room.

    "If we reroute some of the power from the non essential systems on the evacuated decks we might be able to boost the power of the deflector. We can reconfigure it do emit an antigraviton burst, and in conjunction with the tractor beam, we might be able to manoever the freighter in the right direction," Bren mused. His head was fuzzy and hurt like hell, but at least he could still think.

    Suddenly another thought occurred to him. "We'll have to wear EV suits," he said. "Since life support is offline. There will probably be enough air left for us to get to the storage locker when we get to Deck 11, but only a few minutes so we'll have to hurry."

    James didn't answer, both men knew that they were in agreeance, there was no other way and no reason to dispute the Science Chief's recomendation. The Turbo lift doors opened and James and Bren scarpered out the door towards the storage locker all the while hoping not to drop dead from oxygen deprevation, or their eyes been blown out of their sockets and their blood evaporating.

    Both Men Made it to the Storage locker, it was a little difficult getting there with the atmosphere or, rather lack of it being so thin. Bren seemed to be having the most trouble, being a drunken wreck and all. James did his best to push him further on towards their goal, and when they finally made it they were relieved to be getting into their EV suits and breath oh so sweet air.

    "Bren, what are you doing?" James said to bren who was taking of his Jumpsuit.

    "Getting Naked." Bren replied.

    "What the hell man?" James laughed. "Put that back on!" he said helping bren do up his jumpsuit. "That lack of air must have done your head in.

    Soon Enough the two men were in their EV Suits and Bren seemed to be 'Sobering' up from his little episode. James pulled a Phaser and an Engineering Kit off the wall and Bren did likewise and they left for Deflector control to sort out this mess. They only had a few minuets James noticed when he arrived at Deflector control, or at least that's what the HUD on his Helmet said.

    "Here we Go." James muttered taking a step in.

    Bren walked directly to the main control panel and began inputting the command codes that would allow him to manually override the system and change the particle emission. After being granted access, he reconfigured the deflector to emit an antigraviton burst of two billion millibars.

    "All right, the deflector is set. Have you rerouted the power?" Bren said, burping softly. He was feeling rather dizzy and nauseous, and prayed to God that he didn't puke in his suit.

    "Almost" James said, his tongue at the side of his mouth, a common habit of his when he was concentrating heavily on a task.

    He was pulling all the power from Holodecks and Replicators just to get the Deflector Dish up at 150.23%. It was difficult because some of the EPS relays had blown, circuits had blown, causing the powers path to be cut off, and he had to redirect the redirections. Difficult at best, but almost impossible in a pair of freakin gloves and an EV suit.

    "Done it!" James cheered. "Finn to Bridge. Power Redirected. Deflector at Maximum, Commander Ohmsford and I are returning to the Bridge."

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