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U.S.S. Archer (NCC-62750-A) (uss_archer) wrote,
@ 2003-05-24 23:22:00
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    Lt. Commander Cameron Sikes, Chief Tactical Officer's Duty Log
    The archer was taking a beating , and the enemy ship was still fully operational, Cameron grew increasing frustrated. He had been toiling over his consol the entire time, watching the enemy's flight path, the path Harry was flying them, the shots Mumacik fired, The shield strength and where he was firing, the strain was taking its toll. As the enemy ship passed once again Cameron fired away at the same spot he had always tried to hit. {Miss, Hit, Hit Miss} he counted to himself as he watched the enemy ship fly by. Cameron glanced at his tactical sensors and noticed a 5% drop in the enemy shields.

    Cameron kept his focus on the consol has he barely listened to the conversations going on. He could hear Fernandez calling out shield strength and Mumacik tapping away feverishly at his consol at Auxiliary tactical. He had not paid close attention to Harry telling the captain that they might try using the freighter as a weapon, but when he finally heard something other than Mumacik's fingers, he looked up from the console.

    Cameron watched the discussions on the bridge silently. He did his best to keep firing on the enemy vessel, while he tried to observe the discussion of how to move the freighter tin the path of the enemy ship. As the next pass by the enemy ship occurred, Cameron looked down and fired again at the same spot he had been trying to hit. {Hit, Hit, Hit Miss!} He saw a 7% decrease in shield strength. The ship rocked form the enemy volley. HE heard Fernandez call out the latest reports of shield strength. Cameron heard something come form the XO and looked up only to see him walking quickly to a turbo lift. Having no time to think about that he looked back to his consol. HE watched the enemy turn and start to approach. He saw a volley of torpedoes, released from Mumacik fly away just as the ship turned. The first two striking the bow of the enemy ship but the other one sailing past as the enemy ship maneuvered to avoid it..

    The hits caused the enemy ship top lose forward shield strength to 92%. But this did not help Cameron he was targeting a rather large shield generator on the aft port side of the enemy ship, Mumacik's hit the bow. Cameron watched as the enemy ship zig and zagged as it headed back to the archer. Cameron watched the ship positioning display as Harry started to maneuver through the apogee of his latest figure 8. Then Cameron noticed something, the enemy ship veered off and started heading to its starboard. Cameron had not noticed this before and wondered what might be happening. HE could tell from the enemy ships flight path that he would have another chance to fire at his favorite spot. Noticing that with each successive round the shielding in this spot was dropping. Noticing that the archer was loosing the fight fast he called out to Mumacik.

    Lieutenant, on the next pass I want you to target a spot on the aft port side of the vessel." Cameron tapped on the consol and sent the coordinates to Mumacik. "Fire your torpedoes when I fire phasers." Cameron looked back at his console. He saw that Harry deviated form his usual flight curve to avoid a rather large part hull plating, most likely form the freighter. Then it happened again, the enemy ship changed its course to run past the archer port side. Cameron franticly started to tap on his console. HE had a few seconds before he needed to fire and was trying to figure out why the enemy ship kept changing course. Cameron looked at the shield readings on the port side of the archer. {%0 % shield strength, nothing special about that except.} he thought. He quickly pulled up a status of the 36 shield generators on the port side of the archer.

    Quickly he scrolled down the list that showed power consumption and efficiency. As he made his way halfway through the list, he saw it on of the generators were using twice the power as the others but only 20% efficient. Cameron looked back at the enemy ships approach. He called out to the captain with out looking up. "Sir the enemy ship might be targeting a weak shield generator on the port side, Deck 16, just in front of the." The ship rocked from the impact of the enemy ships latest volley.

    Cameron fired his phasers at the enemy ship hitting his spot three out of 4 times. He saw two torpedoes fly at the enemy ship, on hitting the spot, the other missing as the ship maneuvered to avoid it. He tapped on his console and looked at the readings. He finished his sentence in a joyful tone. "Ablative armor over engineering. " He did not wait for an answer form the captain he looked over to Mumacik. "40 % drop in that spot Lieutenant, hit it again if the opportunity presents itself."

    Cameron then glanced back at the captain. He saw a strangely puzzled but yet annoyed look on his face. Cameron had been smiling, but then quickly put a serious look on his face. "Ermm. Sir, it looks like the enemy is targeting the aft port side around decks 15 to 17. " Cameron glanced down at his console to look at the status of the generator in question. "That last hit took out generator 16-24, shield strength in that area is down to 40 % but the remaining generators are straining to keep the 40%."

    He heard the captain give an order to helm to try to keep that side of the ship away from the enemy vessel. Cameron glanced up. "Sir, they seem to want to hit that spot at all cost. In the last pass, they adjusted their course two times to fly pasty our port side."

    "Obviously commander." Replied Shields coldly.

    Cameron shook his head. "Also sir we have been able to produce a weakening in their starboard aft shields near their engineering section. When we are ready to move the freighter in to position, I suggest we try position the freighter so that when it explodes, the main force of the explosion is near their starboard aft section. Hopefully the explosion of the freighter will penetrate the weakened shields near their engineering section. May be we can lure them in by offering up our port starboard section ?"

    Cameron looked at the captain for a second waiting for an answer. Before the captain could respond his consol beeped and Cameron looked down. He saw the vessel approaching for another pass. He quickly tapped on his console and selected spot to fire at. Cameron continued to look down as he waited for some response from the captain.

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