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Davey (used_hero) wrote,
@ 2004-07-13 23:16:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:She will be Loved - Maroon 5

    Episode 2: Don't Play With Knives Part 2/ The Long Walk
    Yay, Second Entry, same name? Yes..... But it still fit so well. Yesterday, I had a get together. Got Tristan, Lou, and Crea and played some magic. They were making fun of me and how I get into my turn. Heh, it's all good. So then we decided to play some Soul Calibur 2. I started off beating them all in a row after they said I was the worst, Tristan ended up being the worst, until he tore thru us, getting 12 wins in a row. Yea, I dunno how, I think it was the roids. Hmm what else happened tonight? Oh yea... Crea almost died... Lou pulled out his nice little knife and was playing with it. My brother was beating up on Crea and was gonna throw him. Lou said "Over here" with his knife out kidding. Matt quickly threw crea over... Crea's head stopped like 3 inches away from the blade, the blade pointed at his temple. Let's just say, my friends are stupid. On to today. I walked to the mall, Yes, WALKED! I waisted an hour and walked to the mall. I didn't even really want to be there, but it was better then starting a barn fire. The walk was cool, I hung out with Lou and Matt. We hung out and talked. Lou kept making bull shit up, but I didn't know what was true or not, but we made it. We hung out , got drinks, and ended up getting more drinks. I love free refills... great thing. I got a nifty shirt. I was gonna get more, but I didn't feel like shopping alot, rather hang out with some girl and help me out on clothes. Girls, hit up my comments if you wanna help me get new clothes... heh. Yea, I then kept calling my mom to get her to pick us up. it took awhile but I got through and got my ride. WOOT! yep good times. So yea.. nothing else... My friends are going to ozzfest... I let my friend get my ticket cuz I didn't have the money at the time. It's all cool though, I'll just chill out at my house, I guess. Maybe hang out with other friends. I'll keep you posted and tell you how driving went tomorrow. Ciao

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