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Candice (urmonkeycandy) wrote,
@ 2005-03-18 21:36:00
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    Current mood: melancholy
    Current music:NONE SO IM GONNA PUT SOME ON opps srry about the caps

    spring break may not be on what i was hoping for
    omg i hate all the teachers that decided to give hw this spring break. they should all be flogged! freakin sons of bitches! this is ALL the hw i have over this break!

    Chemistry: takes notes on chapter and power point on thermo chemistry, do practice problems, and study my ass off for the retest
    Algebra 2: do freakin math project on linear equations! what kind of crap is that? we did linear equations at the beginning of the year. but its going to be an easy 55pts to earn and i need it to bring up my c in the class.
    World History: memorize the entire 7 paragraphs of the hippocratic oath
    Drivers Ed: extra credit drive for two hours, then study for my driving test that i can take march 25th!!! yay!!
    Medical: none thank god!!!
    English: (phew here we go...) i have to memorize all 10 of my lines for the play, do grammer wksht about misplaced and dangling modifiers (who the hell cares about my grammer? i'll just moved to tennesse and talk like a hick), write two vignettes for medical memory book on fads and my 10th grade year, complete all three pages of my study guide and study it for friday's test, and finish reading 200 pages of the da vinci code.

    does anyone have a gun. i want to go on a muderous rampage! jk jk.... but then i have a chem test to take when i get back, perform my play in english the monday after when we come back from spring break, take my 6 week twizz in english, and turn in my math project.....I SO WANT TO KILL MY TEACHERS WHO ASSIGNED HW OVER THE ONLY BREAK OTHER THAN CHRISTMAS AND THANKSGIVING BREAK WHERE WE ARE SUPPOSED TO RELAXING FROM ALL THE STRESS WE GET FROM SCHOOL, NOT GET MORE!!!!!!!!!! SCHIZZA!!!!!

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