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kim (urmomisahottie) wrote,
@ 2004-07-12 22:36:00
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    Current mood:pissed
    Current music:something corporate - konstantine

    i'm not your star
    my weekend was blah. very very blah. like, beyond blah.

    i went job searching with tim. who wouldn't shut up about how cute i am. which made me want to throw up. i am so sick of guys.

    and then dinner at my grandma's, and i got to see my aunt and uncle. and i learned that my aunt married my uncle when she was 16 and he was 17 because she didn't want to move away from nc to fl. like, being married would be her excuse for not moving. and they weren't going to tell anyone about it until it was sure that they were moving, but some nosy neighbor listened in to their phone conversation, and they had to tell. but whatever. they've been together for forever.

    sunday, perry was being such a dick. i couldn't even stand it. i went to go see mean girls with tim, who likes me. and i can't stand it. i am seriously so beyond finished with guys. and when i got home, perry was still being a dick, so i went to c's and we watched a buttload of vin diesel movies. like, the guy can actually kind of act. it's astounding. we watched xxx, knockaround guys, and saving private ryan. ugh. michael came in for the last half of saving private ryan and it was so nasty. ugh. he smelled and he kept saying gay stuff and laughing at the most inappropriate times. ugh.

    today we slept till way past noon and mr. t woke me up to move my car so he could take c's to some shop to get the tires fixed or something. then i took us to sonics and to get c a bunch of applications. and this guy hit on me when we stopped to get gas. it was appalling. and annoying. and it sucked. basically. so tired of guys being so uncontrollably horny that they hit on me.

    then we went home and watched dumb and dumberer. it was awesome. i like it a lot. nice car, frenchie. god. that movie is pure gold. i love the guy who played lloyd. he was priceless. i want to watch not another teen movie now. except that c has it, so i can't. he reminds me of phillip, sort of. ugh.

    i am going to stop thinking about guys that are gay and stupid and just want to fuck me beacuse they are unbelievably horny (which is all of them) and guys that i have absolutely no chance with because they don't and never will and never could like me (which are the ones that i like, and pretty much all the others, too). which is why i should just become a nun. except that i definitely could not live like that. nuns are way too uptight.

    i'll just live in total isolation for the rest of my life. except to get food.

    this is such crap.

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