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kim (urmomisahottie) wrote,
@ 2004-07-06 22:25:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:metric - combat baby

    none of them want to fight me like you do boring so boring. i guess.

    hmm...sunday, the 4th, i went up to visit loan at walgreens and i talked to her bf jason, while she was dealing with customers. and then, alan and his step bro and his friend and i went way out into hillbilly territory so that we could legally buy some fireworks. god. alan spent almost $30. i only spent $1.37. i am so cheap. but i only had $5 and i needed to save it for gas, so. and this extremely annoying, hat-wearing hick kept ragging on my car. like, it is not that bad. god. and he's a thief, too. he stole a buttload of fireworks and stuck them in his pocket. ugh.

    afterwards, we all went to alan's and sat around in his room and i asked him why guys have to be so gay and completely ignore girls after they fuck around with them. like, bryce totally dumped helen after she gave him head. and this other girl i know gave her bf head and he completely avoided her for a week. and this other girl had sex with her bf and then he just broke up with her. i mean, god. guys are so retarded. ugh.

    but anyway, then we ate and played with dry ice and alan's mice and then icky corey mccarty and icky wes simpson came over and started being gay. ugh. when we were leavign to do fireworks, corey was all, "yeah, i'll just follow you guys to the place." like we actually wanted him to be there. it was pretty fun. taylor and this jake kid blew up parts of this ken doll. and i kept the front part of the torso. it was nice. then they started trying to shoot bottle rockets out of a mustard container, but it wouldn't work and it kept going back into the bottle and exploding and making everything smell like mustard. then this rob guy started letting everyone shoot fireworks at his car bc he doesn't care. ugh. weird. and then back to alans, and he was really nice and let me borrow a buutload of cds. and then i took taylor and this leslie girl and that rob guy to grab n go walmart to get a thousand energy drinks. taylor was nice enough to buy me one. it was super. then home.

    mon, i went shopping with loan and ashley and this kelsey girl. it was fun. i've missed seeing ashley everyday. i think loan and i are going swimming at her house next mon. it shall be oodles of fun. ugh. oodles.

    today, i went to c's. just for the day. i almost hit a car because i was too busy singing to myself. now i know why people do it. but anyway, her, steph, jon and i played nightfire and i accidentally broke one of their glasses. and then we went to blockbusters and sonic and c was nice enough to buy me some food. mmm. greasy grease. yummy. but whatever. i have to eat so that c's and my love child doesn't die. blah. then we all just sat around watching jon play spiderman 2 on the xbox. and then her parents came home and started being gay so i snuck out. c was nice enough not to tell them that i was the one that broke the glass.

    so bored. and tired. i got only about five hours of sleep the other day. so tired.

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