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kim (urmomisahottie) wrote,
@ 2004-06-25 00:29:00
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    Current music:lenny kravitz is the devil

    keep the skin tight and the booty in the air
    today was...i don't know...something.

    like, i was just sitting there, totally not expecting anyone to call, except maybe alan. but then calvin calls and he's all, "so, are we still hanging out today?" except his voice is really low on the phone and it's difficult to understand him, so all i hear is "rumble...rumble...hang out...rumble?" and i just peiced it together. and my hair is still wet from the shower i just took, and i'm sorta shocked because i totally didn't expect him to actually go through with this whole thing. but i say, "sure," anyway.

    and then he asked who should drive and i was hoping he would because i had no gas and my car is shit. but he calls his mommy to tell her about everything, and when i talk to him a couple of minutes later, he says that he can't because the van's got no gas and his mommy doesn't want him driving it. so, i have to drive. which i don't really mind because i wanted to. i always want to drive. it's fun, i guess. but it also means that i had to go fill up before. you know, since my car is...shit...and as soon as i got in, the little red stick thing fell all the way down to empty from 1/2 in two minutes.

    but whatever. i called perry lied about going to the mall with loan and blah. then i straightened my hair and ate and called him and he was all, "so, are you finally done drying your hair?" which i found a little insulting. but whatever. i don't know.


    i picked him up and he was totally unresponsive about where to go, until i threatened him and he said that we should go to barnes and noble. where i looked at naked photography and sex books, and he looked at all the little babies in the baby books because he's a child molester. and then we went to best buy where i kept finding these lesbian erotic...whatevers. like, this misty girl was in all of them. so i guess she's big in the lesbian erotic (whatever) scene. and then we went to grab and go walmart where i bought us icees. i hate coke icees. i like cherry icees. they're the best. and then we just randomly drove around until four when i took him home.

    and i thought he totally didn't have a good time. like, he was sort of...distant...the whole time. and he got out of the car in that way that people get out of the car when they are just completely not having a good time. like, he didn't say anything and it was sorta quick, like he wanted to get away. and he didn't look back or anything when he was walking to his house. so i thought, whatever. what a douche. why didn't he just say he needed to be home or something?

    and then around eleven something, he texted me with this stupid picture of two stick figures dancing and "check that out" written under it. then he added "check out that funky dancing." so i just don't know what to think.

    not that i have to worry about it or anything, considering the fact that he's going away for a month in a couple of days.

    blah. the rest of my day was sorta uneventful. c's supposed to spend the night tomorrow, and perry was being a douche about not letting me drive down there to pick her up, but then for no reason at all, he stopped being a douche about it just as suddenly as he started being a douche. so whatever. douche. there. that's four.

    and then i talked to loan and alan for a while before watching minority report. which i seriously liked. despite the fact that tom cruise, colin ferrel and that woman from cold case were in it. and the annoying habit that the movie had of being two and a half hours long and acting like it was going to end a trillion times. but whatever. i actually liked it, so whatever.

    i watched the mexican last night. brad pitt and julia roberts should never have made a movie together. it was totally okay for the first half because they didn't have any scenes together and it was bearable. but then they were both there and it was just not right. i can't explain it. and nobody cares what i think so i'll stop and go doing something constructive. like look at porn or something. or look up the meanings to dirty words at hmm...sounds fun.

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