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g-unit Shawtii (urbanprincess) wrote,
@ 2003-02-22 23:05:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:somthin on tv

    woohoo I went to my first spoken word/poetry reading tonight...It was sooo interesting...I love poetry soo much..there were so many fantastic writers and performers...this guy ive know ever since I was little was there...Hes been an associate on my step-dad ever since i can remember...but since we moved to jersey i rarely see him ym dad still does tho cuz hes always around soca village (a club type thing)...anyways he perfomed and it was just weird because ive never thought of him being that deep...bajeezus i was blown away

    and then i came home to find out Jigga had a concert on i was up in here actin the fool like i was actualy there...hahahaha i musta lost a few pounds dancin hahahaha

    awwww why is this lil boy on Apollo killin this Michele Jackson song..he looks soo cute singin it...

    why does Tyson talk like a lil slow child..rofl and whats up with the tatoo around the eye…umm how can we say weirdo>

    Speaking of a weirdo..lets talk about the other Mike for a second…After watchin the many specials about his life and what not..I actualy feel really sorry for him...true enough hes a weird man but I realy belive he has no other choice but to be that way..he hasn’t lead a normal life…I realy really look at him in a different light now…awww poor Mikey hahaha...ummm and his nose looks like it has a foreskin of some sort…he needs to get with the doctor that fucked his nose up like that…and damn mike just get the lil crumb snatcher out a bed so they’ll leave you alone..i don’t believe he does anything with thoes kids...i think hes a messed up man but I don’t think he a molester…

    aight I’m out for now..oh maybe not postin pics of killa Cam’ next

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