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Kathy (up4anything286) wrote,
@ 2005-06-03 15:05:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:go 2 fucking hell

    last fake day
    well its the last day of school im felling depressed and like hallelujah at the same time its not like anyone cares though..... people were crying fake tears and fake byes and fake i'll call u's like thats ever gonna happen.... to all peolple who r gonna gratuate this year like me good luck (another fake one) and dont bother anyone anymore i mean come on its the last day of school or last day well ever c each other again (a.f.o)so to the girls that still piss off their ex's go 2 fucking hell! what the hell r u doing by pissing them off when u shouldnt even b talking 2 them anymore besides if u have ur own guys THEN what the hell??!! bother them piss them off not ur ex's i mean come on its logic AND common sense so dont go "DUH................. whaaa??????"
    and the very same thing to the guys who think they're all that cuz ur not.and what bout the other people who
    have 2 listen 2 that fucking piece of shit every single fucking day
    i mean to all the people who have to listen 2 that shit i really pity but not in that "i'll give u change pity" but that "u have 2 listen 2 me while i vent out" kind of pity. but it may b a good thing not 2 sound all guidence counselor on u but one way or another youll c that u can use against that girl or guy who wants 2 get back with them
    in summation, all the people who r ex's and pissing people off 4 no good reason.................................

    GO 2 FUCKING HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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