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Kathy (up4anything286) wrote,
@ 2005-05-25 15:39:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:switch


    Scorpio - Your Love Profile

    Your positive traits:

    You're red hot passion makes anyone you date feel extremely wanted

    Loyalty, to the point of doing anything to protect your lover

    You are mysterious and charismatic - and you easily draw people in

    Your negative traits:

    You tend to be paranoid and think that the worst is going on with your lover

    You turn cold and mean at the first sign of conflict in relationship

    You sometimes become obsessed with dates - so much so that you develop jealousy early on

    Your ideal partner:

    Someone who will take the time to win you over. Not an easy task!

    Is able to keep up with your carnal appetite... lots of stamina needed.

    Reassures you of their love and loyalty on a daily basis.

    Your dating style:

    Intense. You prefer to stay in with take out and conversation - so that no one else is distracting you and your date.

    Your seduction style:

    Hot. New partners have trouble believing that your libido is for real.

    You have incredible sexual intuition - you always know what your lover craves

    A bit bossy. You know what you want, and you certainly aren't afraid to ask for it.

    Tips for the future:

    Don't be so secretive with your love - they want you the way you are

    Let go of your jealousy. Your partner has chosen *you*

    Spend more time alone, doing things you love. It will help you be less obsessive.

    Best place to meet someone online:

    eHarmony - your best bet at screening out untrustworthy people

    Best color to attract mate: Dark red

    Best day for a date: Tuesday

    Get your free love profile at Blogthings.

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