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Somewhat Damaged (unspeakableacts) wrote,
@ 2012-02-17 23:50:00
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    I've been an odd ball my whole life, always preferred the lesser known variations to the flagship brand, ever since I was a child.

    For instance........Chocolate milk is good, Strawberry milk is better. Orange Julius is good, Strawberry Julius is better. Red Swedish Fish are good, Grape Swedish Fish are better. Strawberry Licorice is good, Chocolate Licorice is better. Peach rings are good, Watermelon rings are better. Lemonade is good, Orangeade is better. Chocolate M&M's are good, Peanut Butter M&M's are better. Red Apples are good, Yellow apples are better. Count Chocula is good, Frankenberry is better. Peanut Butter is good, Almond Butter is better. Apple Sauce is good, Pear Sauce is better. Oreos are good, Golden Oreos are better. Brownies are good, Blondies are better (slightly). Green Peppers are good, Red Peppers are better. White meat is good, Dark meat is better.

    I think the only exception is that the milk chocolate Reese's Peanut Butter cups are better than the White Chocolate version although Reese's Fast Break is my favorite candy bar of all time.

    What's the point to this? Well, I prefer the lesser known flavors. Sure, there's an appeal to being "odd", but I genuinely prefer the taste/flavor, and seeing as they are a bit devious from the norm, I have to search high and low for some of these things which are considered to be disgusting to those who cannot wrap their mind around something that differs from the universally accepted brand and flavor. "Blueberry Milk?! That sounds gross!" have they ever tried it? "No, and I never will" Well, guess what? It's really good, the blueberry flavor is smooth and subtle and blends with the consistency of the milk perfectly, much like Strawberry.

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